Thursday, March 15, 2007

I Didn't Hide

I am quite sore this evening. But as Kate of Kate's Quest says, "it hurts so good!"

She is right.

I did not park around the corner the other night. I was ready to go when Matt showed up and man it was actually a lot of fun.

Matt is such a great friend and a good motivator. He was encouraging me when I was on my last few reps and could barely lift the weights up. It was like parents cheering for their kids at T-Ball.

That visual makes me LOL.

I knew I was a total wimp but he never made me feel like that. It was more of a, "quit dissing yourself dude, we will both get our shit together TOGETHER!"

We are exercising tonight and again Sunday. This is the schedule for now. 3 days a week. I think it is a good start for me and for him. I am going to attempt to do a little cardio in between but I do not trust myself not to sit on my computer and play Lord of the Rings Online (which is a new obsession for me!).

Anyhow, thanks to all of you that offer words of encouragement. I know quitting smoking was a very important part of being a B.A.D. but this weight loss is the next hurdle I must overcome.


Shannon said...

You go George! Having a buddy to team up with is such great motivation.

When Jeff first started out, he'd come home complaining that girls were lifting heavier weights than he was. But he never gave up and now girls are seeking advice from him (grrrrr)....and guys too.

3 days is an excellent amount of time. On those days you don't feel like doing your routine, just do a light one rather than nothing at all.


Bernard said...

Good for you George.

Don't give up, you'll soon get past the Suck phase and then you'll be coasting.

And I agree with shannon, do something in between times. Get some small weights for home and use them from time to time.

I can't weight to see the new George!

Scott said...

Having a cheerleader is as important to your success as the weightlifting itself!

Scott K. Johnson said...

And DUDE - if you can quit smoking, you can do ANYTHING!!

Kate said...

Hey George, thanks for the mention....and the temptation to join the LOTR game!!! I got a taste of that kind of online game playing something else, and oh man does this look neat! Is it as good as it sounds on the website? Is it something I could play just sometimes and not have to commit major blocks of time to?

caramaena said...

Good for you George :)

cass said...

that's awesome. conquering smoking, and now the transformation to a superhuman B.A.D. begins. ^0^

Christine said...

WOW! Congratulations on quitting smoking! That's awesome. Good for you! Keep up all the hard work!