Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Endo Appointment

The best thing that happened with this appointment was the fact that I am now motivated to get a new endo.

Here are some actual quotes from my doctor.

"How are your blood sugars going? Are they in range?"
"Byetta is only for Type 2's."
"Are you on a pump?" (Master P was on my hip)
"They do not have FDA approval yet." (After I told him I really want CGM)
"Just put a cold compress on it and take ibuprofin." (When I told him about my foot. No exam BTW)

I am going to make an appointment with my regular doctor and see how long that will take before I can get in to see him.

I knew that my endo is not the doctor to see about my feet but I need an approval to see a podiatrist and I thought that since I am a diabetic and have a foot issue, that he would put in for the referral.

I am so effing done with this guy.

BTW, my foot still freaking hurts.


Kate said...

Oh my goodness George I would be soooo frustrated if I were you. Even if he is an endo, he should have at least looked at your foot! Part of ADA requirements is that he looks at your feet at every visit! I always teach people to take off their socks and shoes to force the point a bit- so that step doesn't have to be taken when the MD finally comes in the room. Also, a tip for getting in with your primary doctor- ask to talk to a nurse if possible and explain your concern about your foot pain and that it wasn't addressed by your endo. Sometimes a medical professional will hear things a bit differently than a receptionist (not always, as proven by your endo, but sometimes). I have learned the hard way that we have to be our own advocates, because we know our bodies best- so make your voice heard at your primary MD's office.

Zazzy said...

That is really miserable George. Fire the guy. I can't stand a doctor who has stopped listening and caring.

Anonymous said...

Your Primary can subscribe the Byetta. Mine did it for me and saved my life, were my Endo was clueless.

Go save your life!

Lori Rode said...

I've also had an endo who had her head in her armpit. There is a shortage of endocrinologists and endos-in-training, and a continuing surplus of diabetic patients! Best of luck with finding another. I agree that you need one. Have you read the Numb Toes books? I recommend them highly. When do I get to adopt you? Or were you adopting me? I forget.

C said...

wow... i feel so lucky that i have a great endo. wtf he didn't even LOOK at your feet? even if you were having no pain they should do a foot exam.

hope you find someone so much better!!

Major Bedhead said...

It's definitely time to find another doctor. I would also write a letter to him, copying the head of the practice he's with and your health insurance company, outlining the reasons why you're going to see someone else.

Bernard said...

Every time I see my endo, I have to take off my shoes and socks.

She looks carefully at my feet (phew!) and tests various pulses.

If your endo doesn't even do this are they really an endo?

That's terrible George, good luck with finding a good endo.

Carol said...

No need for the board room so say "yer fired" to this lame excuse for a doctor!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Wow man - that is very frustrating.

You have to see someone soon about your foot - it could be something serious.

Call and talk to your insurance company and find a patient advocate - most insurance co's have them. Talk to that person and see what you need to do in order to get into a foot specialist and get taken care of.

There is no reason you should have to suffer for this long.

Kevin said...

Move on, move on.

I had an endocrinologist tell me once that if a I ever went to another endo and he/she didn't check my feet at EACH AND EVERY EXAM, he/she should be fired on the spot!

Best of luck finding a new endo, getting an appointment with your GP, getting a referral to a podiatrist, and I hope your foot feels better soon (I don't know what's wrong with your foot, but if it's serious, you should definitely press for getting to a doc ASAP -- sorry if that came across as too motherly, but as we have all learned, we have to be strong advocates for our own health care).

Keep us posted!

Shannon said...

Based on your past track record, I know you'll take charge and find a new endo.

Good luck and I hope you find someone who gives you thorough, thoughtful exams each and everytime you see him/her.

This current endo sounds like a lazy ass.

Minnesota Nice said...

This guy does not have both oars in the water. To not even look at someone wiht T1DM and a foot complaint is unethical and lacking in personal integrity.

..M.. said...

I agree with the general message in all these comments... it's disgusting for an endo not to look closely at a diabetic with a foot complaint. I don't quite get the way things work overseas with health professionals / insurance etc, but I'm sure there must be some way you can go see someone ASAP and get it sorted. Good luck! I'm sending big hefty get well messages directly to your feet - just stick 'em up in the air so they can collect the message when it goes past, ok?

AmyT said...

OMG, if you don't get a new endo pronto I'm coming over there and performing the Scott-ectomy myself -- with no anesthesia! Geez...