Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Evening Epiphany

Last night 3 of my best buds and I went to play Racquetball. I have not played in a long time so I was a little concerned about how I would do.

When I walked into the court I was reminded of how hard it is to hear each other because of the echo. I recalled how I have been hit in the face/leg/arm in the past and how much that really hurt! I relived the pain in my chest from trying to breathe. I was also a little concerned about the foot issue I have had.

After a short rally and a review of rules we started a doubles match. I could feel my heart pumping hard as I ran around to smack the heck out of that ball. It gets a little crazy with 4 people running around that court but luckily I was only the victim of getting in the way of the ball once although my buddy has a multi-colored circle on his leg. OUCH!

We played for a little over an hour and it was a great time. I started to feel low about ½ hour in but after some Life Savers, and a moment to let them kick into gear, I was good to go.

When we were finished, we gathered up our stuff and headed outside to the car. I noticed that I could breathe. I mean, truly breathe.

I remembered how I would strain to suck down a much air as possible when we were done. I would sit on the bench after we played until I was able to breathe and then I would light a cigarette up as if drawing in a breath was not a major task only a few minutes ago. Wow.

I was worried about how my much larger self would do at playing such a high energy sport but that was not a problem at all.

The moral to this story?

Smoking is worse then being fat!

I know I was thinking a lot about smoking a week ago but I am not any longer.

I am a non smoker.


Bernard said...

Good for you George

I know it'll be a struggle to stay off them, but work at it.

I'll be you see a huge difference in your energy levels.

I've not played R-ball in a long time, I love that game.

Megan said...

Yeah George! You ROCK!

Anonymous said...

"Smoking is worse than being fat"
Truer words have never been spoken!

Go George!

mel said...

That's great George!

Minnesota Nice said...

Well, the proof is in the pudding. (Err....sorry, I did not mean for that to be a pun.)

Major Bedhead said...

So you didn't have to lick any ashtrays? Damn, I would have paid money to see that. ;)

Way to go, George. That's excellent.

Rachel... said...


Scott K. Johnson said...

Way to go man!!! See!

I did have to chuckle at you "Smoking is worse than being fat!" line!! That's great stuff there!

bethany said...

nice job george!

Shannon said...

Awesome!! I'm happy to see that you've experienced a big payoff of being a non-smoker!!

Molly said...

Way to go!
I love raquetball and your post got me thinking...I haven't played in a long time.

Michko said...


Kerri. said...

Awesome George!!!!!!


(Some extra exclamation points. For good measure.)


..M.. said...

Most excellent! Glad you're feeling better about not smoking :) It's a struggle giving up I know. Been there done that (many times) and still have at least one more attempt to go. *sigh*
But I know one thing - you're on to a winner with that attitude 'I am a non smoker' is what will see you through!

bethany said...

it was quite amusing! lol go to google and type in george needs or george wants or george is ... and then post your results!!! yay ... do it! :-D

caramaena said...

Yay George :) WTG!

Anonymous said...

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MileMasterSarah said...

awesome awesome awesome! George, I can totally understand what you mean. I quit smoking in january of 2005, and even though it has been 2-1/2 years since I quit, I remember how hard it was, and I remember feeling uncomfortable with my weight and my body after I quit. Thing is though, God gave all of us amazing bodies and it is even more amazing what we can do with them (running, playing racquetball! you name it!) even if our bodies are large.