Sunday, July 15, 2007

Friends, Phones, and Addictions

We had a lot in common!

I just had my awesome meet up with Sara. She beat me to the punch so I suggest you get over to her blog right now (unless you have already read it) and read her post. I am going to try and
tell you about some other stuff that happened.

First off, we have the same cell phones. Sara posted her picture and here they are from my angle. I forgot to tell her that only the coolest of the cool were able to buy this particular phone, at least that is what I heard.

We chat chitted in the Red Robin for about an hour I think and man, we laughed a bunch! I also forgot to tell her that the big scary Red Robin character kinda freaks me out so I was thankful that it did not fly by!

We talked a lot about the D of course. Sharing diagnosis stories is always interesting to me and we had some parallels in that too.

We talked about our faith and how important that is to us. So many things in common and none of them had to do with Diabetes. HA! Take that stupid Diabetes! ;)

I told Sara that I wanted to explain what makes me turn all "Ninjabetic" on someone. Here is the story I told that ended with me spilling my soda on the remaining Cheese Sticks. I will quote myself here so you can get an idea of the level of Ninja skills I possess.

"So my little sister and I go to McDonalds one night and we order two meals. One with a Large Diet Coke and one with a Regular Coke. When the guy in the window hands me the drinks I noticed that one lid had the little "diet button" pressed down and the other had no buttons pressed. My sister asked me 'want me to check your soda?' to which I reply 'Nah dude, at least one of them has to be diet.' So we get home and guess what? Both are regular! So I call up Micky D's ready to ream the Clown! I am going all the way to the TOP! So the manager gets on the phone and I say, 'Okay, you need to explain to your employees that pressing the button on the top of the lid does not magically change the contents within the cup! They have to actually fill the container with the correct beverage before they....." And the soda spilled.

And now that I think back, maybe I knocked it over with my mind. Yeah, that sounds better huh?

Anyway the next 3 hours consisted of several gallons of Diet Soda! I think the dude at Carls Jr could spot me in a crowd at this point. And hanging out in the mall like all the "cool kids" do.

We strolled through the Mac store and took this sweet picture using an iPhone! If only I had 600 bucks lying around. And honestly, it was pretty easy to use accept for the whole turning the screen from portrait to landscape. Sara kept shaking it as if it was stuck. I laughed a lot about that.

And I think that was how we spent most of the 4 hours together. Just laughing and learning. Learning about this person that I only knew from blog posts and pictures online. I feel as though I have known Sara forever which is just about the coolest thing.

I spoke too soon. The coolest thing is that we have mutual friends! And I mean goo friends! Let's put this into perspective. My daughter is currently at this friends house right now having dinner with their family. Sara had mentioned what College she went to out here and I asked her if she may have heard of someone I know that used to work there. That my friends was the coolest thing that happened.

I cannot wait until the next time Sara comes out here so we can meet up again.

We laughed.
I almost cried. (Don't laugh but I got a little choked up talking about Neville Longbottom)
We talked.
We walked.
But most importantly, we drank lots of soda together and really isn't that what it's all about?


Scott K. Johnson said...

That sounds awesome man! And how cool is it to not only have the same cell phones, but to also have friends in common! That is just crazy!

Major Bedhead said...

How cool!

I used to have that phone. I miss it. :(

Bernard said...

Great pictures guys

And good story about McD's George. I'll only order diet soda if I can watch the person pouring it or I can pour it myself. My sense of taste isn't good enough to distinguish between the two.

Chrissie in Belgium said...

Sounds like you had SO much fun!

Minnesota Nice said...

That is so cool.
I saw your comment over on TD.
I do not have a cell phone. I drink Diet Pepsi instead of Diet Coke..................but, I could probably be forced to eat a mozarella stick or two..or three.

Kerri. said...

Oh SO COOL! Sounds like you guys had an awesome time. :)