Friday, July 13, 2007

My Week in Rhyme

On Monday night I was trimming
Clipping away at my nails
When I must have clipped too much
And my toe began bleeding in pails.

I scurried off to the Doctor’s
Met a new Doc that I didn’t know
He asked, “bad trip to Market for piggy?”
As he stared at my favorite Big Toe.

He said, “we will clean it and wrap it
And you’ll need to do the same.”
I agreed and he left the room
And I sat there feeling very lame.

On Wednesday my toesy felt better
so Racquetball I went to try
Two serves were all I got through
Because I pulled a muscle in my thigh!

I tried to deal with the pain
But hardly slept all night
So off to the Doc’s again Thursday
Hoping he would make it all right.

As I sat in Urgent Care
With every Harry, Dick, and Tom
I couldn't believe who was on duty.
The Notorious Doctor F-Bomb.

I was lucky that he did not see me
It was the Doc from the time before
He said, “Hey I just saw you
And now you’re back for more?”

I told him the story of what happened
He pulled and pressed here and there
He said, “Take it easy and ice it
And keep you butt in a chair!”

So my weekend will be mellow
I will keep it safe and sane
Except when I meet an OC’er
That has jumped out of a plane!


Bernard said...


I hope you have a fast recovery. And say hi to Sara for us.

Take a few pictures and share if you can.

Sara said...

Two bloggers meet up and don't bring cameras, now that would be odd! I don't know about George but I will be prepared! :)
I am starting to drool thinking about the food already!

Nicole P said...

This was awesome, George!! Have a great weekend - and a great meeting! I'm seething with jealousy that Sara gets to meet the G-man.

Scott K. Johnson said...

G-Money! That was an awesome rhyme! Not so awesome that you're all banged up.

Be sure to bring some extra AAA batteries for Sara. Last time I saw her she had to mug some guy in a shopping mall kiosk for his. Be. Careful. :-)

Sara (the battery thief) said...

Hey Scott!

I resemble (err, resent) that remark!

I actually have been carrying around an unopened pack of batteries in my purse this whole trip just in case!

Allie Beatty said...

Hey George,

You are so funny! I love the Dr. F-bomb! You're right -- we all put our doctor's on a pedestal!! Why? I'm not sure but I give anybody kudos if they'll spend 8 years in a classroom pursuing just ONE thing! ;)

Shannon said...

Have fun with Sara!!

And when you mentioned the toe clipping incident, I pictured the naked man at the gym with one foot on the locker room bench clipping away.

Julia said...

Hysterical! Although I'm sorry you're having such a klutzy week!

Chrissie in Belgium said...

Oh George what a week! Take care! I admire your ability to turn this week into an "enjoyable poem. Thank you!