Monday, July 30, 2007

The Return of the Points

I joined Weight Watchers last week. This is only the second time I have joined and last time I lost 36 lbs so I have had a good track record. The reason I quit before was the meetings. The meetings can be awful.

I remember there was a lady that made her goal weight and everyone was cheering her on. Someone asked her how much weight she had lost to which the lady replied, 17 pounds. “oh well that is not that much” said the lady who needed to lost much more.

The instructor said, “Do not punish her because she had the desire to handle her weight problem before it got completely out of control.” Which I loved! BUT it was just not the kind of people I wanted to share about my life with.

The 15 point icing on the cake was when my weight loss was “easier because you are a man,” comment. Screw that.

Anyhow this new place is good and frankly, I can deal with the attitude if I have to. I want to lose weight so I will put up with whatever crap I have to.

I think I will also include you all in my weight loss. No, I am not gonna post my weight because I don’t think your monitor could handle that kind of number but I will let you know that after one week I have lost 2.8 lbs! Nice.

And if that lady who said that it is easier for men to lose weight is reading this then she needs to know that my wife lost more then I did so, HA!

On a side note I believe with a little more tweaking I will have my basal rates down. Those lows were effing scary last week but I am getting them under control. Thanks for all of your comments and suggestions. They have truly helped.


Scott K. Johnson said...

That is FANTASTIC G-Money! Way to go!

That is a lot of progress so far!

Kerri. said...

Yay SuperG! You can do it!

Penny said...

I went on Weight Watchers after I had Riley to lose the baby weight.

I lost 30 pounds in 3 months. It was great. But, I too, hated the meetings.

Cheering, clapping, crying, and hugging over losing a pound is just not my cup of tea.

But, it is a great program that works. Good luck!!

Shannon said...

Good luck with WW. I lost nearly 40 pounds in a year on it. And I just read Penny's comment as I was typing and I have to say...Holy Shit her loss is awesome! LOL.

I liked the meetings because the leader was a no nonsense, tough love, quit your whining type of person. No one was allowed to have an excuse for not losing.

If you have the motivation like you did with improving your A1C's and quitting smoking, you'll blow the pounds out of the water.

Major Bedhead said...

good luck, George. I lost 40 lbs on WW, but I got very bored. And the meetings drove me batty. I'm thinking about joining again, although I really don't have the money for it.

Mike said...

I have had success with Weight Watchers in the past. I never went to the meetings, I just followed the program and weighed in once a week.

Amylia said...

Thank you for posting about joining WW and wanting to lose weight. I, too, am a type 1 diabetic and want to lose weight, as well. I often feel shame about being a "type 1" who is overweight, and get upset when people assume I am a "type 2" diabetic. As a type 1, I find it's easy to gain weight, but hard to lose (who doesn't feel that way?) Having diabetes complicates things, but you inspire me, and I thank you for that. I hope you continue to share.

sally said...

george i loved your post about WW, made me laugh, i am an old timer WW, back in the days of eating mustard in your tuna fish, uckkkkkk! i have lost 100 lbs on ww many years ago, gained it all back, every single pound! since then i have been off and on ww many times and never reached my goal weight again, so sad. but it is the one and only best way to do it, i myself need the meetings and cant afford it now but i have beconme much stricter and serious with my diabetic diet and have lost 20 lbs so far and am going to keep doing it til i lose at least 50 lbs. i wish you all the best george and it is so wonderful that you have a partner to do this with you---cheering you on, peace, sally