Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Shorter Low - Update on Today

I was running high this morning and was fine with that since my battle yesterday.

Pre-lunch I was at 214. Bolused for the amount of carbs on the back of my Lean Cuisine with the correction.

2 PM – 98.

3 PM – 63.

So off I go to get a regular soda from the fridge and the infamous co-worker (this is the same one who has the candy AND who said those awful things to my boss’ wife) says, “You can’t drink that.”

“I’m low”

“Don’t you have some of those sugar tablets?”

“I ate them all yesterday.”

“I would think you would have a stock pile of them.”

“I think you should shut the fuck up and mind your own business!”
Nah, that last line was in my head but it was in my head so loud she probably heard it. I actually did not respond.

Unbelievable huh? Anyway, back to real issue.

Is my carb ratio wrong? Hmm. I lowered my basal rate. I am gonna just keep some juice with me on my drive home but this 63, I hardly felt.

BTW – I am reading all of your comments and they are helping me figure this out.


Karen said...

I started reading your post and the first thing that popped in my head to say to that "chick" was shut the fuck up and then I read that was in your head too. Sorry for the low, but thanks for stating how you felt.

Shannon said... jaw dropped when I read what you said to that coworker and I thought "YEAH!!...Tell her George!!" because I thought you really said it.

I so wish it didn't stay in your head. LOL.

Scott said...

Actually, you should have told her to shut the fuck up and mind her own business ... I hate these armchair doctors who think they know everything and that their unsolicited "advice" is even wanted.

Bernard said...


Sorry you had such a lousy day.

You said that you'd started a weight loss plan. Have you actually lost much? Because that would affect both your basal rates and your ratios.

I hope you can figure out before too long.

Major Bedhead said...

Are you getting sick by any chance? Do you need to raise your insulin to carb ratio? If you're working out hard, that will affect your insulin absorption rate, too.

Carol said...

George, you took the high road, but dang, that is hard with someone like that.

A few thoughts on the lows:
1) any chance you had been snacking a little or not too sure on the carb counts before getting serious about calorie counting? Dem calories can be sneaky!
2) could your insulin to carb ratio not be the same for all carb loads? For me it seems 1/15 works for a 30 gram meal, but its more like 1/10 for a 60 gram meal
3) if you don't want to basal test, attack the lunch I/C ratio first. Since your low yesterday was so stubborn even w/ lots of extra carbs, I'd suspect the meal bolus more than the basal.
4) have you checked the cycle of the moon and whether your toes were crossed?

Scott K. Johnson said...

G-Money! You rock dude.

I think that we should pay your co-worker a "visit". Maybe some "home brew" surgical removal of her pancreas?

Let's see how she likes them apples...

Shannon said...

I think Carol might be onto something with #4.

caramaena said...

You're very restrained there George. I'm not sure I would have left that last response in my head only ;)