Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Looong Low

I have actually started a weight loss plan. One where I eat only certain things and watch my calorie intake, all that good stuff. I will tell you a little more about that in another post because I just started so I do not have a lot to write about.

But yesterday I had a terrible low. Not a crazy low number day but a “pit of despair” kind of day. (Don’t even think of trying to escape, the chains are far too thick) A day where no matter what I did, my BG would not move up the way it normally does. Not the way I so desperately wanted it to.

It was 2pm and after a very tasty yet low calorie lunch I felt that “strangeness” of a low coming on. I busted out the old One Touch Ultra Smart which told me I was 67. The thing is I hardly bolused for lunch because I knew it was low carb. “Oh well” I thought and had a few Glucose tabs.

A half an hour later and I still felt like I was low. I was looking around the room and nothing was in focus but not in a “Velma from Scooby Doo” kind of way. Lows are so hard to explain but any of you that have the D can understand what I mean. Anyhow, I checked and I was at 80. Hmm. I never feel 80 usually? After Glucose tabs I am usually in the upper 100’s after a half? Jim never has a second cup of coffee at home?

I ran out of glucose tabs luckily I work with Willamina Wonka who ALWAYS has tons of candy on her desk. I cruise on by, grab some candy, avoid all eye contact and that “you are not supposed to have sugar” look I can feel being sent my way and sit back down.

15 minutes later and I still feel low.

83. wtf?

I am now really worried. I went out to the warehouse fridge and grabbed a Sprite. A REGULAR SPRITE. And friends, I drank the whole can. Wow! That stuff is sweet.

20 minutes later…97 and still feel not normal.

I get home and my BG is 112. I still feel strange. Not totally low but my head is not right.

I had 4 glucose tabs from my home stash and laid down on the couch. After a 45 minute nap I check my BG and I am at 116.

By now it is 5:45 and I am finally starting to feel this fog lift.

I lowered my basal rate last night and will need to do some fasting tests I am sure.

Have any of you had a low that lasted a long time? I would love to advice on how to approach the basal rate change. I could just use the tests in the Pumping Insulin book my Brother from another mother sent me I guess but I would love to hear what works for you.


Sarah said...

I had a similar experience a few days ago, over the weekend. I kept testing and I was consistently in the low 70s. I took it slow, a few lower-fat taco chips, a couple grapes, and I stayed there all afternoon, which was just low enough that I felt a little funny and like my chest was a bit tight, but not so bad that I felt definitively low.

mollyjade said...

This is the kind of low that scares me because I don't know where it came from. I had one of these a few months ago that lasted from 9PM to about 5AM one night. It never repeated so I didn't make any changes.

Scott K. Johnson said...

That's weird stuff G-Money. Not sure what to make of it...

Do you think it was your basals, and not something else? Strange that they have not been a problem on other days (unless they've been masked by eating, etc.).

type1emt said...

I've never figured out a way to treat those lows "right", my method is to program a temp basal + just continue to eat/treat till it goes up. (hours later) Then I usually skyrocket, but a temporary high is better then hours of being low.Hope you find something that works for you.

Shannon said...

Wow, that's a crazy low you went through.

Have you been exercising? Or maybe overdosed when bolusing for something you ate? I'm just going through the obvious list of things here.

Shannon said...

Oh yeah, after reading EMT's comment, did you do a temp rate?

I remember Johnboy writing a post about actually stopping delivery until his numbers rose. He apparently got the OK from his endo....I THINK...don't hold me to that...look for the post he wrote.

..M.. said...

George, I have been there & done that! And for me it was also when I did a stint of eating better. Turns out my basal needs to be lowered when I'm eating less carbs - even if it appears to be the correct amount from day to day on my normal diet.

Makes me wonder if basal really does more than just the background... and if some carbs take even longer than we'd think to get through!

I hate hate HATE the feeling of being low long-term. The brain fuzz is the worst, and the slack eyesight. Then as it goes on, there's the fear that it'll never give up!

Sounds like you handled it really well :) Keep an eye on that basal rate for a while now just in case you're doing what I did!

Sara said...

When I started 'trying' to work out more and eat mildly healthier, I had to lower my basal. Actually, consistent workouts made me make a permanent change to my basal rate overall and to the time I usually worked out.

I had a weird looong low today too. Ran out of strips at work from testing too much. Boss offered to take me out to dinner - I told her to pretend I tested before I ate. She has a Type 1 pumping son. Asked if I wanted her to look for test strips in his car.

If we both are having werid lows, maybe it is something in the Diet Coke! :D

Dee said...

It may be worth checking if you are having delayed stomach emptying. I will get lows like this if I am having a bout of gastroparesis.

Allison said...

This is my first time reading your blog and congrats on starting a weight loss plan! I have T1 diabetes (dx 2001) and have also had long lows. Sometimes I indulge in wishful thinking hoping my diabetes has been spontaneously cured and I no longer need insulin, but I know it is an issue that needs to be addressed. I have not found much rhyme or reason to the long lows, but when I do encounter them I always make sure that I have lots of test strips and check very often to keep myself out of trouble.

It seems like your diet has already made an impact on your blood sugars! It may be possible your insulin requirements may have decreased and all day long you are getting too much insulin from your pre-diet basal regiment. When I am low, I just want to eat everything in sight, which obviously is the reverse intention of any diet I have been on the past.

I am very insulin sensitive so I really depend on my meter to be accurate, especially when running on the low side. As you know, there is always careful balancing involved in correcting lows, while trying not to run high for the rest of the day. I currently use the WaveSense Keynote meter and have great confidence in its accuracy, so much confidence that I recently joined the company that makes it. You might want to check it out, It uses a new technology that has been a big help in tight treatment situations.

Good luck with the diet!

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