Thursday, August 09, 2007

Plugging Along

After my horrible Saturday weigh-in I have been sticking to my points like white on rice cakes. This week has been filled with Lean Cuisine’s, Smart One’s, and Healthy Choice prepackaged meals and to my surprise I have found several that I like.

Who knew that I could find a Salisbury Steak and Mac n’ Cheese Lean Cuisine that tastes pretty darn good! Both my wife and I are trying to find our favorites. I am looking forward to today’s lunch which will consist of a Steak and Mushroom Panini, Sugar Free Orange Jell-O, a Garden Salad with Low Fat Ranch Dressing and string cheese. Very yummy and filling. I love that I can eat a lot and not eat stuff that makes me fatter or that does not have a lot of carbs.

My wife was a little worried about how rigid I have been this week with my points but I am the kind of person that needs that kind of intensity to truly change a behavior or habit. It is not easy for me to turn it on and off whenever. I either do it completely or not at all. I think she does not want me to beat myself up which I do not think I am but I can see how it would appear that way.

I had to turn down a few free dinners and lunch offers this week just because I want to make sure I know exactly how many points I am eating. When I get a little further along and understand how all this stuff works I will attempt eating food that is not in my little “points” book. Trying to portion food when you go to a restaurant or to someone’s house seems tricky to me. I would feel funny bringing a food scale with me everywhere I go.

I am sure in time I will get that all down. For now, I am going to stick with what I am doing.


Anonymous said...

You go George. It's not easy to lose weight. I started dieting on Monday and it's hard. Sounds like you are determined though, so keep it up.

Good luck.
Kathy in SD

Nicole P said...

Ninja-style... Awesome.

Scott K. Johnson said...

I'm with you on that one man. I am the same way.

Sounds like you are well on your way. Remember, be persistant - if your body doesn't fall in line right away, it's just testing your dedication to the changes you are trying to make.

My problem is that I've been letting my body sweet talk my mind into more cheesy tots...damn.

Scott M said...

You sound committed to me. Good luck with the weeks to come, and with finding those yummy low-cal meals!

Minnesota Nice said...

I eat a lot of Lean Cuisine and Healthy Choice - the Lean Cuisine square pizzas are very good - the chicken garlic is my favorite. THe cheese tastes a little artificial but it's pretty close. There is usually one brand of lower calorie frozen dinners that is on sale at my grocery store, and that's when I stock up. Otherwise they are too epensive.
this is a good way to get started. Then you can gradually branch out.
I was just randomly punching in some stuff on the Calorie King website and my favorite Panera sandwich is nearly 800 calories (add 200 for the sack of chips).
But then I also saw that a McDonald's softserve cone is only 150.........knowledge is power.
Hang in there.

Sara said...

I pretty much survive off of a menu of microwave dinners. Stouffer's and Lean Cuisine are my favorites.
It's just so much easier to know how many carbs you are eating - or at least get closer to the right amount.