Friday, August 10, 2007


On my way home from work last night I stopped off at the local sporting goods store to pick up a new Racquetball racket. Mine has been pretty beaten up so I figured I should pick one up before the game last night.

When I walked in to the Racket Sports section I was greeted by a wall of rackets. Most of them seemed to be priced above $100 which is so far out of my price range I actually said out loud, “Um, yeah right!”

I looked lower on the wall and next to the Dora the Explorer rackets were some $40 and cheaper rackets. I saw one that was 21.99 and grabbed it. It felt pretty good although the weird lightning bolts all over the sides were a little to flashy for a stealth ninja like myself but whatever.

As I was walking out I saw one row of rackets that were marked at “Clearance.” There were only 3 rackets in that section and the first one was awful. I grabbed the one behind it and it was very nice. Light and not all flashy but the sale price was 59.95 which was a little more then I wanted to spend. I gave up and went up to the counter to pay for my 21.99 racket.

I gave the cashier my card and he said, “That’ll be 43 dollars and 3 cents.” And then promptly swiped my card.

I looked at him in confusion and said, “The rack it was on said 21.99?”

He pointed to the handle on the racket which clearly showed 39.95 as the price. DOH!

I knew it was my fault for not checking the tag. I decided just to take it and started to walk out. And then it hit me, for 20 bucks more I could have a really nice racket that is on clearance! I walked back in and grabbed that 59.95 model that I liked so much. I made sure I looked at the tag and saw that it was regularly priced at $149! Score!

I took it up front and the cashier was totally cool with me. He rang it up and said, “That’s funny. This is priced at less than the one you are returning! I have to credit you some change back.”


Oh, what a sweet moment. I got a racket at about $100 off the original price. So very sweet and it worked very well for me at last night’s game.

Let’s hope it helped with tomorrows weigh-in.


Scott K. Johnson said...


caramaena said...

Score indeed! Good luck with the weigh in :)

Oh and is it just me or does that store really need to work on their inventory pricing and location...

Molly said...

Hot diggity! Nice pick up.