Saturday, August 04, 2007

Weekly Weight Watchers Update

I gained. I gained 2.6 lbs. Pretty much all the weight I lost in week one.

Guess how I feel? #%@#!!

I know what happened. I know what to do. I want to quit but that is not an option.

I am going to go all crazy and turn on the ninja skills this week.

My uncle* Richard will be so proud.

*Richard Simmons is not actually related to me in any way thank goodness ;)


Scott K. Johnson said...

Don't sweat it G-Money.

Just keeping on taking steps forward.

caramaena said...

I feel your pain George. It feels like two steps forward and one step back sometimes. You'll get there - you are ninja, remember?!

Minnesota Nice said...

George, I have belonged to WW so many times I can't count. I have had huge successes and then not.

Remember, this is just another set of numbers, and we pwd have a lot of practice at dealing with numbers and just looking at it as information (yeah, I'm still working at it).

I can't say "eat soething = you'll feel better". But, start again, keep track of those points, and enjoy your day.

Nicole P said...

Tomorrow is another day, G-man... Back to it, Ninja-style.


Sara said...

You know you will succeed George! And we will love you either way!

Can I submit a guess on the weight gain. Is it feeding the hypos that result when you change your diet, lose weight, exercise, or when the breeze blows differently?