Friday, September 28, 2007

Diabetes & Sex

Those two don’t go together like “ramma lamma lamma da ding a da dingy dong” but two things that unfortunately have to be dealt with at the same time for many of us.

On the dLife website, there is a great diabetes and sex quiz for you to take. I have to admit that the first few questions had me laughing at the obviously incorrect choices. For me, there is no better way to learn then through a little laughter.

Those of you that are over 18 should check it out.

Sex is such a taboo subject here in the US of A for some reason. It is nice to be able to discuss it as adults and face up to some of the scary facts and possibilities that diabetes puts in our way.

I hate that diabetes wants to seep into every facet of our lives and threatens to ruin things. Like a silent bully.

Here’s to putting up a good fight against diabetes and winning!

And here’s to life long sex!

But still no cigarettes.



Minnesota Nice said...

Gosh George, I had to race right over here to see what you had to say...................all true. Thanks.

..M.. said...

heheh very good!

Shame about Q7 though - the question asks which is the highest, then tells me I'm wrong and the right answer is (without spoiling it for those who have done it) actually the LOWEST!

Good for a giggle, and hopefully informative too :D

Anonymous said...

Informative? Yes

Thanks providing me with my morning laugh break.

Can't imagine what the other people in the office are thinking.

: )