Tuesday, September 25, 2007

It's Like Christmas in September

Without the wrapping paper of course.

Today when I got home my pump supplies were waiting for me on my porch. 3 months worth. Perfect timing. I changed my set this morning and used my very last one. Insurance sucks sometimes but at least it over now until another three months passes.

I am a fan of always being prepared and not have another infusion set around or another reservoir is scary for me. I was nervous this morning getting ready to change my set at work because I kept remembering the time my set got all folded and stuck in the Quickserter thingamabob.

Luckily all worked out swimmingly for a change.

The only cool thing is that I always list IV Prep pads on my order and insurance always pays for it so that is like a little bonus.

Do you think I should sneak a few CGMS sensors on the next order? LOL

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Amylia said...

Wow--that's cuttin' it close. I hate that feeling of unease when the overlap isn't there. It really is like a diabetic Xmas when 3 months worth of supplies come in. I had that feeling a few weeks ago and it makes me feel so much better when the delivery arrives. :)