Friday, September 21, 2007

Friday Follow-Ups

- Gillian is doing better but not completely well. She had a doctors appointment and we were told she would have to stay home for the rest of the week. It is quite a challenge when both my wife and I work. Luckily God made grandma’s that rock. Thanks Gram!

- I will not make my Weight Watchers meeting tomorrow due to a meeting I must be at very very early tomorrow and very very far away. My home scale says I have lost a few more BUT I will wait for the official word for the WW scale.

- I am down to 2 infusion sets. My doctor finally sent in a new prescription for my pump supply BUT Medtronic also needs a referral from my insurance company and that has not happened. I call. I complain. I get transferred. You all know how this crap goes. I am ready to try and hold off site changes for as long as I can. Any suggestions about this would be appreciated. I do not want to spend the money for sets unless I have to. Luckily, pump supplies are shipped out of Northridge which gets to me the next day via UPS. It finally pays to live on the West Coast.

- I have pictures of a very sweet Football Field Goal I made out of PVC pipe and a can of spray paint. It was for a company meeting. Think of that T.V. show “The Office.” Yeah, I kind of work there.

- I have a blackberry now. I have used to post a couple of Twitter tweets and my Weight Watchers update last week. I do not know how I lived without it. It is so very sweet. My daughter said, “dad, your phone is sikk.” The kids say that means good but I have to misspell it to be really cool. I don’t know if I get that but whatever.

Have a great and safe weekend!


Marina Martin said...

Sorry to hear about your infusion set situation.

I'd check with your doctor, local Minimed rep, diabetes center, or durable medical supplier. They've almost certainly got some extra sets hanging around, and you could always promise to replenish what you took when your shipment finally arrives.

As for making infusion sets last longer ... avoid sweating and be extra careful not to accidentally rip it out. Good luck!

Scott said...

You see, sometimes it does pay to live on the West Coast!!

Mo said...

gmas do rock.

tomorrow i'm starting the WW.

i just sent your link to my friend at school. her boy has got the betes. i'm thinkin it'll be a helpful addition of info with some humor.

miss you friend. hope to see you soon.

peace out