Friday, September 07, 2007

Three Sets and a Goodbye.

Last Saturday was hot. I mean “Africa hot.” Surface of the sun hot. Here is a picture I took with my camera phone.

That would be an outside temperature in the AM. It only went up from there. Yuck!

Being that it was “Africa Hot” I decided to wear the very cool (both in style and temp) Dashiki (dah-shee-kee) my friend Lisa brought for me from Africa!

Off we went to meet my sisters at our Mom’s house to help her load up her moving truck. Yup, my mom is moving two states away to New Mexico.

Last year one of my 3 sisters moved her family to New Mexico for a new beginning. She has loved it and we loved visiting earlier this year. So now my mom is heading out to begin her adventure in the Land of Enchantment.

As soon as we got to her house we began taking boxes out to the driveway to stage for the arrival of the U-Haul. Unfortunately the U-Haul truck was not going to be available until after 10 so we thought if we had everything outside and ready to go, we would be able to get things done quickly. After every two trips from the house to the driveway we would have to stop and cool off inside. It was insane. I think I went about an hour before I lost my first infusion set. I was hot, I pulled my shirt up a down a few times to create some sort of a self propelled cooling cyclone within my shirt and the site just fell out. I did not tug it and I did not feel it. I just saw it dangling from my pocket. Lovely.

The truck arrived and we are all ready. Everything was outside and ready to go. Before we started I realized that my Dashiki was soaked. It looked like I went swimming in it. My sisters fiancé gave me a t-shirt to change into and guess what happened when I pulled the Dashiki off?


That is what it was like. Not *Yank* or *Pull* but *Plop.* GRRRRRR I am just happy that I had a few extra infusion sets with me. My Satchel of Strength paid off again! Who cares how many people say it’s a Man Purse.

After all the loading of trucks and infusing of sets it was time to say goodbye. I tried my best to hold back tears since I did not want this to be a sad moment for mom. Some slipped through but all and all, it was not a weepy as I thought it would be. Since we all know that this is going to make Mom’s life a lot better none of us are too upset. She has always put us kids first so it is about time she does something for herself. To better her situation.

We already have a trip planned for Thanksgiving and she is coming out for Christmas.

It will be good. It is good. Mom is in a better situation. That is what matters.

I still miss her.


Chrissie in Belgium said...

I can't believe how two infusion sites can fall off in one afternoon, but yeah sweat can do that! It sounds like you all gave your Mom a really nice parting memory. Yeah such events are HARD to prevent from becoming weepy! When we leave Sweden, we go through the same weepy- day stuff no matter how tightly we plaster big smiles on our faces.

Kelsey said...

It sounds like our moms are doing a similar thing right now... my mom just moved to San Diego a couple weeks ago! She's lived in our small, northern California coastal town for her whole life, so this is a big, wonderful change for her.

Good luck to your mom! :)

How weird about the two sites! That really makes me think, because I never take extra sites with me since I haven't had one fall out on its own yet. Hmmm... it's probably wise to have at least one extra on hand.

Oh, and can you believe the heat in Southern California last week?!? We were melting over Labor Day weekend, while trying to unpack in our new condo... so miserable!

Amylia said...

Wow! That's a lot of sweat, brutha! I'm sorry you're missing your mom, but it seems like you have a good outlook on it. BTW, I read your blog regularly, though I don't post, I'm rootin' for you! Here's to another couple bowling balls lost (for both of us!)


Jennifer said...

Suggestion for the next you tube tuesday!