Tuesday, September 11, 2007

You Tube Tuesday #37 - SUPERSIZED!!!!

I have 3 clips to share today.

#1 - Short but sweet. (by Sweet I mean sick.)
If you think this is funny then you are as twisted as I am.

#2 - The Absent Minded Waiter
I have been trying to find this clip for a while now. This is classic Steve Martin humor not to mention some other great comedians. Buck Henry and Teri Garr are two of my favorites. Enjoy.

#3 - This is just total eye candy (without raising your BG).
This was suggested to me by a BAD blog reader (and a friend irl) and this is just freaking cool! I can't imagine how long it took to film/plan/edit this thing.


Penny said...

I am as sick an twisted as you are.

Amylia said...

I LOVE Steve Martin. Thanks for the laugh on this sad day. Tonight, I needed it. Is that wrong? I don't really think so. :)

Zazzy said...

I'm twisted too. Gotta get me some gummi bears - sugar free of course.