Thursday, October 25, 2007

Allison's Article

Earlier in the year, Allison Blass (Blass rhymes with gloss) wrote a great article about Diabetes Blogs in Diabetes Self Management magazine. If you have diabetes and do not have a subscription to this magazine, I would suggest you sign up. It is always filled with great articles, information, and recipes and I don’t know about you but I am always looking for the next yummy thing to eat.

The article is now on the Diabetes Self Management website so if you have not read it, please check it out!

She interviewed Penny and Rachel about their blogs and how blogging has affected their lives. I think a Ninja also slipped in there too. She also writes about how to start a blog so those lurkers out there who have thought about writing may want to take a stab at it.

If you have read it I still think you should check out the Diabetes Self Management site. There are lots of good things to check out just like the magazine!



Allison said...

Thanks for the plug, my ninjabetic friend!

Rachel... said...

:) on sharing my new blog link. I don't think a lot of people have figured it out yet, so I appreciate it!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Thanks for the links G-Money. Very cool article, and Allison, VERY nicely done!

I'm proud of you G-Money - look back on how far you have come!! W00T!

Bernard said...


I'd blog about it. But she never interviewed me. :-(

(I'm sulking a bit, but I'll get over it.)

Now that I think about it, she probably couldn't have understood my tick Irish accent. Think The Commitments. :-)