Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Sock Stash

So I know I am totally stealing this from my Chai Tea Master but seriously, it is about the coolest thing I have tried in a while.

Wearing my pump in my sock.

If you have not checked out this sweet spot then I suggest you try it.

You may be saying, "George. Dood. Really? How does it reach?"

Well although I do have lengthy ninja stems my thigh site [slash] 43" tubing combo works quite nicely.

"So what makes the sock stash the newest latest coolest spot ever?"

Well, I went to buy some pants last week and I have never had an easier time in the dressing room. I did not have to worry about Master P getting tangled up or getting torn out when I am trying on any pants! It was as if my pump became a part of me.

You may be thinking, "I do not need to try on clothes as often as a Sliminja like yourself. What else makes it saweet?"

Well, the fact that I have freed up a pocket, rocks! You see, I do not like to wear stuff on my belt unless it is a grappling hook or a ninja star holder. I also never put my money clip in the same pocket as my pump so I won't scratch P's delicate display.

"Well what is the down side? There has to be a flip side to this awesomeness."

You are correct. I cannot use the sock stash when wearing shorts. I also feel a little strange when I am walking around in my office at work and people hear the "BEEP BOOP BEEP" from my foot! And bolusing while being hunched over as if I am tying my shoes is strange but I would still recommend it.

If you do try the sock stash please let me know. I would love to hear what you think about it.


Amylia said...

I triple dog dare you to use the sock stash while wearing shorts! :)

Nicole P said...

"Lenghty ninja stems" probably one of my favorite phrases of all time. Ever.

Socks are the hiding spot of kings and queens alike.


Michelle said...

ahh! We've used the pump in sock for my son while playing baseball. Of course he's 7 and doesn't really slide yet, or do much of anything except stand in right field, so it works.

Shannon said...

Doesn't it hurt the boney part of your ankle when you wear it in your sock?

I'll add to Amylia's dare and quadruple dog dare you! You can't back down now.

George said...

Darn it! I was gonna ignore the Triple dog dare but the Quadruple?!?!? I am gonna have to do it now.

I will post pictures. Give me a couple of day. I will take the challenge!

Shannon said...

YEAH GEORGE!! But you have to wear it out in public.....no cheating by only wearing it in the house.

Kerri. said...

I am currently sporting the pump-in-sock motif today. AND sipping on a chai tea. It's all good in my little hood.

Oh snap indeed.

And on the shorts bet, I'll quintuple-dog dare you. It took me three full minutes to figure out what would come after "quadruple," so now you have to. ;)

andi said...

I put my pump into a small child's/infant's sock when wearing it against my skin. It helps with the hard bumps and any excessive moisture. Plastic and skin don't go together well in the deep south!