Saturday, November 03, 2007

The ADA Walk

Yesterday team "Beat the Bete" made its second appearance at the ADA annual walk.

We had 15 people on the team or should I say 14 and a ninja? It was a lot of fun.

I do not want to bore you with too many details so below are a bunch of pictures.

I used many ideas for the shirt slogans which I am so thankful for. In fact, everybody who saw our shirts said very nice things about them. A lady weighing in at Weight Watchers asked me where I bought it! Sweet!!!

Here are the mugshots of each team member and their shirts. Thanks again for all the help! You guys rock!

It turned out to be a great day for a great cause. We all had a blast as you can probably see in the pictures. We must have played Hacky Sack for an hour afterwards. So much fun!

Thanks again Team Beat the Beat. It was awesome!


Amylia said...

Awesome! I love that the T-shirts all have different slogans on them, and of course, it's only fitting that you're says Ninjabetic.

It really DOES look like you guys had a blasts. Diabetics have more fun?!? :)

Vivian said...

Thanks for posting all the pics, looks like it was a great day. When Daniel saw the pic of you and your shirt, he said, "Hey, there is my boss!" LOL

Sara said...

I love all of them, but your kids' shirts totally rock!

Shannon said...

Awesome pics. I never get bored looking at pictures!

It looked like a great time.

Michelle said...

so cool!! and you used one of my sayings!!! woohee! I almost feel famous. maybe. a little.

micksmom28 said...

AWWW!!! I missed it!!! Looks like you guys had a great time! The shirts look awesome! You all were in my heart. Sign me up for next year fo' sho'!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Ha! That is FANTABULOUS!!! I love little G-Money's shirt!

Hannah said...

The "suxorz" one totally killed me. Awesome!