Monday, November 05, 2007

Rough Night?

I have no clue what the hell I did in my sleep but I did not notice thise yesterday. And here I thought I could use this thing as a grappling hook if my ninja skills failed me. Thank goodness that has not happened yet.
I would love to hear what you think happened. I am thinking with a funny caption, this could work on Siah's LOL Diabetes site.
Maybe - "Don't bolus so hard!"
I am too tired to think.


albert said...

"I couldn't afford the 10% copay, so they only gave me 90% of it."

George said...


that is awesome!

Annie said...

That just happened for the first time to me too! I got mine caught on some stupid label on the inside seam of my jeans. Then I couldn't get the thing off. I ended up having to yank it out. There goes another $10!

Nicole P said...

Sleep Piranhas.

Only explanation.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Wow! G-Money - what were you doing?! :-)

Kerri. said...

aLOL! All of these comments made me laugh.

SuperG -- dude, send it to "Siah." She's waiting for submissions. :)

Jeff said...

"A 'break' from diabetes."

George said...

Thanks guys but Albert wins!

So Funny!

Look for it on Siah's page soon!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you had a low blood sugar and tried to eat it?

albert said...

haha, awesome!

"The pump had enough of our demanding relationship and decided to break up."

"A night's rest with a peace of mind costs a piece of mine."