Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My Diabetes World Day.

Today is World Diabetes Day.

My diabetes world consists of many people.

People you know like AmyT and Kerri.

Some you may not know well like Jess, Beatriz, or Jennifer.

Parents who have kids with diabetes like Shannon, Penny, and Vivian.

Parents who have diabetes themselves like ArtSweet, Bernard, and Robert.

Those that crack me up like Julia and those that always touch my heart like Kathy.

And what about those who start online communities like Gina and Jon with Diabetes Talkfest, Manny at Tu Diabetes, and Elizabeth with Diabetes Daily.

Then there are those who inform like Scott, Caramaena, and Caro.

Some seem so far away from me like Amylia, Chrissie, and M.

And there are some that I have had the pleasure of meeting face to face like Allison and Sara.

Some I wish would sing karaoke with me like Nicole.

Or play video games with like Hannah.

And those that I must be related to like Scott.

We know that 246 million people have diabetes which means even more then that are affected by it. This was just a small fraction of that number but a big part of my world.

My diabetes world day is going to be spent thinking about all of you and those I did not mention.
Thinking about how much you mean to me and how diabetes ties us all together.


Penny said...


That was very sweet.

Bernard said...


Isn't life great?

We're blessed to have so many good friends that we can connect with every day.

Thanks for your post George. I appreciate it greatly.

caramaena said...

Great post George, thanks for the mention too :)

Minnesota Nice said...

Thank you George. You made me cry at work.

Scott K. Johnson said...

G-Money! You are an inspiration to me man!

Let's hope I got some of the good genes too BRUTHA!!

Scott said...

Thanks for mentioning me! I caught your posting at work this morning, but didn't have time to leave a comment, so I return now. Nice post!

Amylia said...

That was a kind and touching post. Who knew Ninjas could be so sensitive?

(hint: I did. I knew it. I just knew it. As soon as I saw that photo of you with your pump in your sock, I knew you had a soft side. Sure, a quirky soft side, but a soft side nonetheless.)

You rock! "Happy" WDD!

Lea said...

The silver lining of diabetes is by far, the community. Everyone I have come in contact with in the D community has been so helpful, friendly, nice and compassionate.
It's like an extended family.

Major Bedhead said...

The OC is great and I am humbled to be among such great company.

You're pretty freakin' funny yourself, dood.

Hannah said...

That was really sweet of you, G. Thanks a bundle.

And also, remember, 'The Orange Box' is free of actual oranges and other carbohydrates, so indulge whenever you please! (We're still waiting to get it over here. Sigh.)

Caro said...

This is a great post George. Thank you!

..M.. said...

What a fantastic post :) :)

That made me feel all gooey for a moment :)

It's so true that the silver lining is all you guys & gals out here, just a button or two away. Certainly made me feel a LOT better, and educated me along the way.

Awwww group hug!

I'm ashamed to say I completely missed World Diabetes Day - there was no mention of it anywhere here in New Zealand (not that I noticed anyway) and I completely forgot to mention it myself *slaps self*. However, it's never too late! I don't need a certain day - we're all doing something great with every post we write :)

Chris said...

That was a cool post !

Nicole P said...

George -

I will sing karaoke with you ANYTIME. Now to get myself to Cali or get you here to Providence/Boston... Challenges.

I am blessed to be in the company of all of the people of the OC. :)

Especially the ninjas.

- N

Sandra Miller said...

This was a really wonderful post, George.

art-sweet said...

Thanks for the shout out, George, especially since I have been such a lame blogger of late!

I love the way the diablogosphere connects me to such great people!