Thursday, November 15, 2007

Correct Me If I'm Wrong

This morning as I was leaving for work I noticed a familiar sight on my tire. Except this time it was on my back tire.

You have guessed it. ANOTHER Praying Mantis! WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?!??!!?!?

Now I need your help here. I am pretty sure that this is a DIFFERENT one. Please tell me if I am correct.

Here is the one from Sunday.

And this one from this morning.

It's different right!?!?!?

I wonder if my tire smell like yummy praying mantis food or something. I have asked several people around my home about it and most of them have never seen a live one before. I just think that is weird.

Do I need that many prayers?

I am just going to enjoy the uniqueness of it and be glad they are not Black Widows or Cougars.



micksmom28 said...

That just shows you how unique you are. Everyone and everything are just drawn to you and want to be around you all the time. Who wouldn't want to be a Ninja?

Scott K. Johnson said...

Wow! Maybe they are all over and you've never noticed? I doubt that, but who knows.

I don't know man - I don't believe in coincidences...

Anonymous said...

Makes me think of "Pan's Labyrinth"...pretty cool :) I wonder if one is more mature than the other or something like that?

Kathy (araby62 on TuDiabetes)

Albert said...

he was looking for his buddy, but was a day late and couldn't find him so he got tire-d.

Anonymous said...

wyIn France, people believed a praying mantis would point a lost child home.In Africa, the mantis was thought to bring good luck to whomever it landed on

Lea said...

I haven't seen a real live praying mantis since I was like, 5. And I'm 34 now- so yeah a long time! It's got to be lucky... ;)

Amylia said...

consider yourself blessed and lucky!

Simon said...

I have a suspicion that the first one was a female and the second a male. They're fairly common here in New Zealand.

They always look very human to me. Which doesn't make sense, 'cos they are more alien than human. :)

Perhaps all us diabetics get visited by them. They may be our keepers or angels or something like that.

AmyT said...

Uh-oh. Does this mean you're still whiney?

;) AmyT

Bernard said...

I've a suspicion they're siblings or buddies and have been talking together about you.

You know...

Mantis 1. "I was sitting on this car minding my own business. Next minutes this really cool Ninja guy comes by, and guess what?"
Mantis 2. "What?" (In that tired voice, coz they hate answering guess what questions.)
Mantis 1. "He took a picture of me...and blogged about."
Mantis 2. "No way."
Mantis 1. "Way."
Mantis 2. "I don't believe you."
Mantis 1. "OK, you sit on his car yourself and see what happens. Go on. It's that dark blue SUV over there."
Mantis 2. "OK. But I'll bet nothing happens." (In that "I'm sure you're wrong, but just in case" tone of voice.)

This morning.
Mantis 2. "You'll never guess what happened."
Mantis 1. "What?" (In that tired voice his bro used the day before.)
Mantis 2. "That Ninja dude came by. And... And..."
Mantis 1. "He took your picture and blogged about it."
Mantis 2. "Dude."
Mantis 1. "Dude, told you so."
Mantis 2. "You're awesome."
Mantis 1. "I know."
Mantis 2. "Let's go tell the rest of the gang."

Lea said...

bahaha! Bernard, that was awesome, I'm seriously giggling here!