Friday, November 16, 2007

An Apology. A Survey. A Comment.

The very first thing I must do is apologize. My World Diabetes day post had a line that I must have deleted while editing. I am upset that I did not notice it and wanted to apologize. I hope that Allison and Sara will forgive me. I honestly had you guys in there right from the beginning of conception! (Kerri got a mention in a different category although she could have been in there too) The line has been added so I can sleep at night.

If you have not done it, please take the Why Diabetes Technology Matters survey. You can click on the image and let your voice be heard. It will only take a few minutes and for a scatterbrain like me, that is a good thing! Thanks for the getting the ball rolling on this Amy.

Did you guys read Bernard’s comment on yesterday’s post? I am going to paste it in here because I was LMAO this morning as I read it. This is about the Praying Mantis phenomenon occuring at my home. Bernard, you are so funny!

This is dialog believed to occur between the two insects. Enjoy

Mantis 1. "I was sitting on this car minding my own business. Next minute this really cool Ninja guy comes by, and guess what?"

Mantis 2. "What?" (In that tired voice, coz they hate answering guess what questions.)

Mantis 1. "He took a picture of me...and blogged about."

Mantis 2. "No way."

Mantis 1. "Way."

Mantis 2. "I don't believe you."

Mantis 1. "OK, you sit on his car yourself and see what happens. Go on. It's that dark blue SUV over there."

Mantis 2. "OK. But I'll bet nothing happens." (In that "I'm sure you're wrong, but just in case" tone of voice.)

This morning.

Mantis 2. "You'll never guess what happened."

Mantis 1. "What?" (In that tired voice his bro used the day before.)

Mantis 2. "That Ninja dude came by. And... And..."

Mantis 1. "He took your picture and blogged about it."

Mantis 2. "Dude."

Mantis 1. "Dude, told you so."

Mantis 2. "You're awesome."

Mantis 1. "I know."

Mantis 2. "Let's go tell the rest of the gang."

LOL That is so freaking funny.

And now I am back to counting points and carbs. I hope to goodness I have a loss of poundage this week. I have been extra crazy this week logging every little thing. Please keep your fingers crossed!


Albert said...

those mantis are some clever creatures!

Bernard said...

Dude. :-)

Now you've posted their pictures twice. Wonder what'll happen next.

Sara said...

Oh George!

P.S. My only question is why you are surprised thar praying mantises are gathering around a ninja! :D

Kerri. said...

Bugs love you, man. :D

Chris said...

freaking hilarity!