Saturday, November 10, 2007

Weight Watchers - Update

Gain - 0.8 lbs

Total Loss - Who the hell cares, I gained again.

I cannot tell you how mad I am. My scale this morning read the lowest I have ever seen since I started this stupid program and yet I am up? Please disregard my tone but I just cannot find the "no biggie" or "next time tiger" attitude.

I am mad. I am depressed. I am sick of being fat.


And tonight I get have to go to a wedding.



Jillian said...

George I'm sorry! Even if you can't find that "next time tiger" spirit I can. So here's to next weeks weigh in, the OC is cheering for you!

Sara said...

Roar! That is another tiger cheering you on!

I don't know - just think of those pants!

Bad Decision Maker said...

I understand you're frustrated, but seriously, there's no way that it couldn't be up & down, with some weeks being up. That's just how bodies are and life is. And 0.8 lbs is nothing, it's like 12 oz of water, especially since you lost a ton last week (you could have been underhydrated then and over hydrated now).

and remember the muscles!!!!!!!

Zazzy said...

I don't comment a lot but I think you're doing marvelously well. These days, it's hard to stick to The Plan(tm) more than a couple days and here you are - look at how far you've come! It's inspirational George. Just remember that progress is not a straight line.

Colleen said...

Gee George,

I think you've done a great job with a "safe" weight loss that is sure to last.

I'm part of your cheering crowd also!

Kerri. said...

SuperG - The way clothes fit mean more than numbers on a scale. Besides, muscle ways more than fat, so your "gain" on the scale could be indicative of a "gain" in muscle.

Don't lose your Tony the Tiger spirit. You are still going strong! :)

Nicole P said...

Um, muscly-ninja - remember?

Even if you don't believe it I do. As everyone else said - what about the switcheroo this week? if you can fit into smaller pants - doesn't that say it all?

Hope the wedding isn't a total nightmare.



Amylia said...

it's Sofa King frustrating, i know, but you're going in the right direction. still sucks, though, esp. when you're working so damn hard at taking it off.

just bust a cap in someone's ass. it'll make you feel better.

Minnesota Nice said...

George, you are getting down to the nitty-gritty of WW. I have belonged a few times, and it's a step forward, a step back, on and on. Just remember that each time you make a wise choice, you are enforcing new life-supporting habits. Don't give up.
Do you have a fun group at the meetings? Maybe you could share your frustrations with some of the other members.

Hannah said...

Instead of making the comments you're trying to ignore, allow me to make your laugh by voicing your frustration:


Heehee. Hope you're smiling now. :)

AmyT said...

As my hubby says, it's a huge challenge for anyone in this country not to be fat. The whole atmosphere is stacked against you.

On those grounds, I think you are doing GRRREEEEAAAT!

(and you probably feel like whacking me now :)

Lea said...

Doesn't it stink when you're busting your butt, and doing everything right, only to have a gain??? It's so frustrating (reminds me of wacky blood sugar readings, sometimes) It would be so easy to throw up your hands and say, "why bother!" , right? Yeah, but Ninjas don't give up that easily! Stay the course, and keep kicking ass.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Watch the trend man - not the individual numbers. Your trend is heading downhill seriously well my friend - being up not even one pound? That's nothing. Don't worry about it.

Michelle said...

I'd guess it was the extra set of numchucks that you forgot to remove from your pocket. Ninja's need their stuff. Don't sweat it!!

Chrissie in Belgium said...

George, I have a really hard time keeping track of all these daily entries! Please forgive my late response. Thank YOU for being my friend! Another thing George, maybe you should just weigh yourself once a week. It doesn't help to get all discouraged. You must know by now that the downward slope is what counts, not the little aberrations alon the way

Bernard said...


Sorry for the small setback. But you're definitely going in the right direction.

Don't let this get you down for too long. I think you're doing great.