Sunday, November 11, 2007

Wisdom from Nature

After being a whiny little "#@*%" yesterday I must say that I am sorry. I was a little angry but reading your comments slapped my arse out of it. I think.

The wedding was not nearly as far on the bad scale as I thought. It was nice.

So this morning I was determined to "Get over myself" and start the week off right. My week starts on Sunday because of Church. Churchy goodness is a good way to start, not end a week at least for me.

So on my way out this morning, with my dudely satchel filled with D-supplies on and guitar in hand, I notice something strange about my car.

Do you see it? Here is a close up.

Now, I am not sure about your neck of the woods but here, in LA, this is like spotting Bigfoot. Nature does not show its face very often around these parts and not in such a unique way.

I got up close and said, "Hey little Praying Mantis, what are you praying for?"

Then I snapped this picture and...well I dunno.



Scott K. Johnson said...

Awesome post G-Money.

Minnesota Nice said...

Oooh. And George, Ninja George, did you know that there is a particular type of Kung Fu called "Praying Mantis Kung Fu"?

Colleen said...

Pretty cool when you get the bugs to pray for you!

Nicole P said...

I love Praying Mantises... :)

This was a fab post.

Michelle said...

oooh young grasshopper, communing with nature is good!

in my neck of the woods we have this thing called winter where all the buggies die off so that I don't ever have to see things like THAT!! eeek.

Susana la Banana said...

Hi George!
Just thought I'd let you know that I linked to your blog on mine. This way I can remember to check your blog occasionally and see the mantises pray for you...that was good stuff.
Oh, and I found your blog and the ENTIRE DIABETES O.C. after a recent google search. Thank heavens. You guys are awesome.

Kerri. said...

George, this is one of my favorite posts ever. Terrific -- I definitely laughed out loud!

(And had to show Chris, too. He laughed as well. And says hi.)

Amylia said...

awesome, george. i never saw a praying mantis before, let alone one that talks. i'm glad you didn't ninja him and took out your camera for some great shots instead.

Cara said...

How cool! A bug! We see lots of them here in TN, but I am sure there are not so many in LA. :) I will say I haven't seen a praying mantis in years though....I don't think I get out enough. At least it wasn't a spider. I am a big fat whiney baby when it comes to things with eight legs. They creep me out.

Penny said...

What a cool picture, George.

It's so funny because living in rural NC, seeing bugs is a daily thing. I usually see several praying mantis every year too.

Bernard said...


Funny picture.

You are a photo shop Ninja. I bow to your expertise!

AmyT said...

More reasons to love you, George. Who else can conjure up nature in LA, AND get it to pray for him to boot?