Monday, December 03, 2007

One Short

I was stuck at the airport on the phone with Southwest Airlines trying to find which gate my flight was boarding from. Stepping over sleeping people, tip toeing through the legs of people sitting anywhere they could. It was a mad house. I called my wife to let her know I was going to get on an earlier flight. I called my co-worker who dropped me off at the airport. I was frustrated. I was tired.

I forgot.

I had one last post to compete my NaBloPoMo quota and I blew it! I will not sport an “I did it!” banner or have a sense of completion. No I will live with the fact that on the very last day, I blew it. Right up to the finish line and I collapse!

Oh well, it will make next November’s 30 day post challenge all the more pleasing.

Sorry to let any of you down.


Colleen said...

Personally, I think your enthusiasm should count for more than one post and so, you did it.

Anonymous said...

There is an image you can sport about not making it - I think it has a cute cat on it. You should look into that!

Bernard said...


I blew it also - twice during November. But next year we can both make it.

Albert said...
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Albert said...

what a rather unfortunate turn of events there.

at least you can claim that you successfully attempted and failed NaBloPoMo! (I didn't even try)

Kerri. said...

Hey SuperG - I found an image that would be perfect for you. So close but still cute, says this little kitty. :)

Just noticed that Sara mentioned this one. Sara, is this the one you saw, too?