Monday, January 28, 2008

A Much Needed Weekend

This weekend was just what the doctor ordered.

It started off great with a nice 3 pound loss at Weight Watchers Saturday morning. There is still a few pounds left that I gained a while back but at least I am heading in the right direction. Then during the day my wife and I were at a meeting for an up coming retreat that we have volunteered to work on. I have written about the Via de Cristo weekend before, some of you may know it as Cursillo, and it is always a powerful and uplifting time.

Once again I am on the music team which I love so I got to sing great songs and play drums all day practicing for the weekend in March. Then Saturday night the band I am in called Feed the Five (not the Hi-5’s) played our first “secular” gig. We played a local coffee shop in our neighborhood to a full house. It was great time. We played for 2 hours with a break in between for a Chai Tea and hugs from our friends.

What made the night over the top was when the two owners pulled us aside and said, “You guys probably don’t know this but you are an answered prayer. Since we opened this shop we have not been able to get to church. Thank you for coming and bringing “the Word” with you. You ministered to us tonight.” It was difficult to hold back tears as I heard what he said. This is exactly why we started this band. You are always blessed to be a blessing.

Then Sunday night the musical goodness continued. We were asked to provide music for a worship service at Chino Prison! It was such an amazing experience. They had to do background checks on each of us and we had to go through all the security checks to get in. Once we did we were escorted across the yard in pouring rain. It was wild to see the guard towers and the lights. It was a scene I will not forget.

When we got to the chapel we were greeted by the Chaplain. He was so welcoming and kind and immediately had three of the inmates help us unload our gear and set up. They were respectful, personable, and very appreciative.

The music we played has never been as well received as it was last night. These guys were singing so loud that I could hear them over our microphones. They had their hands up in the air praising and worshiping. Being a Lutheran, hand clapping is about as wild as we get to see but this was next level. These guys were really into it which made us more into it. We fed off the energy in the room and rocked for Jesus. Without a doubt we will do this again.

After the 2 hour service we packed up and left. It was still pouring so I was drenched by the time I got to the car. I was so full from that worship service that the drive home seemed like it took no time at all. This weekend really pulled me out a dark place I was headed to. I am thankful these days came when they did.

Although last night I had an awful Diabetes Nightmare. But that is a post for another blog. ;)


Justin said...

Ooh, Nightmares are not fun. Glad you had an awesome weekend and cool ministry opportunities! Where in CA are you at? Have you ever visited this church? I listen to Erwin McManus's podcasts a lot. He's great!

Windy said...

Sorry, that first comment was from me. I didn't know my husband was logged in under his account! I'm a dork.

Shannon said...

WOw, you're like Johnny Cash performing at Folsom Prison!

It's good that you had a fun and fulfilling weekend! You deserve it.

Chris said...

Glad to hear you had such an enlightening weekend. We all need those now and again. Hope that the weekends joy carries you through the week.

Jillian said...

Crap Shannon stole my Johnny Cash line! Anywhoodles it sounds like a good time was had by all, I'm glad for you.

Colleen said...

Wow! How very, very cool -!

Donna said...

I got chills as I read your post. It's so cool that you brought the Word to that coffee house & they had been waiting for it all along. God's leading? I'm sure.

And going to sing at the prison had to be such an awesome experience. Music is a remarkable resource to bring God to the people & the people to God.

Lea said...

George, could you please let me know when you'll be on your weekend? I'd like to offer you palanca :)
De Colores!!!

Cara said...

I have just recently starting reading your blog, so I haven't ever seen you post about the weekends. But I do know that there is a very similar weekend here in TN that I have attended. I am pretty sure they are a spin-off of sorts, if I remember correctly. The adult version here is The Walk to Emmaus. The young adult one is Journey. And the teenage one (the one I attended when I was 16) is Chrysalis.
They are a magical experience. I was so blessed by them.
Here's the website for them (at least in our area):

Scott K. Johnson said...


You know - not many people get to "enjoy" a prison stay!