Monday, February 25, 2008

Another Great One

This weekend proved to be another great one. I had a very minor loss on the scale but a major win in the weight loss evidence department! That made for a great Saturday.

Sunday after church, which is always good, we took a family trip to the San Gabriel Mission. Before we got there we met my sister and her fiancé for lunch which was wonderfully yummy.

When we drove into the mission parking lot I shouted, “My mission doesn’t look anything like that!”

“YOUR mission?” I am so glad my wife caught that instead of my daughter whose project this really is.

“Well you know, Gillian’s mission. It doesn’t look like that at all! The whole staircase on the side and the little cut outs on the pillars! Lame! I looked all over the internet and the only mission kit I could find was the lame one we got! LAME!” I was not a happy camper.

We walked into the gift shop to make our way through it into the actual mission for some research and picture taking. As soon as we walk in I see it. In front of us is the perfect model of the San Gabriel Mission and my jaw hit the floor when I read the sign, “This mission kit is available inside the store.” Eureka.

“Let’s hurry honey we have a lot of stuff to do today.” My wife looked at me a little funny because from what she could tell we were on schedule for the day.

We walked all around the mission grounds into a small museum and then into the actual mission. As we looked around I noticed all the other stuff that our mission model did not have. The sacristy for instance, which is the room behind the altar where the priest gets ready, was not there! Lame!

We got a bunch of pictures and ideas for the project and headed out to take pictures of the outside of the mission. On our way through the gift shop I told my wife and kids to go ahead without me and that I would meet them around front. When I finally met up with them I was holding a brand new mission kit.

“You are out of control, you know that right?” I could tell by her tone that she knew I was buying this better mission kit.

“Yes but my daughter is not going to turn in some bogus Fischer Price mission when this awesome perfect one is here for us to use! We already have all the paint and stuff. We can all work on it and bust it out quick fast!”

“You are nuts dude.” Her way of saying “I love you” I’m sure.

We got home and put this bad boy together in just over an hour! Then we painted and all the good stuff. I have been thinking about it all day so when I get home tonight I can start decorating it.

I am gonna get an “A” I bet!

I mean, “we”

or um…



Donna said...

Your daughter is so lucky to have a dad that wants to be so involved in her project. Hope you (I mean - she) gets a good grade. Good luck to you both.

Chris said...

Living precariously through your daughter. Got to love it.

Scott K. Johnson said...

LOL!!! That's awesome man!

I surely would have done the SAME THING! Even saying the "bust it out quick fast" part...


Rocktastic G-Money!

caramaena said...

Seriously George, you crack me up :)

Andrea said...

AAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA! Let me tell you, as a teacher- WE KNOW when the parents get all caught up in the kids grade! I hope Gil's teacher is nicer than Mrs. Reed (my lead teacher)! I won't tell you why. Love you long time!

Major Bedhead said...

Be careful, dood. You're going to become one of THOSE parents....