Saturday, February 23, 2008

Weight Watchers Update

Loss 0.4 lbs

Total Lost 31

I lost what I gained last week. I guess that is special. I need to change something but I am not sure what...

I think this week I am only going to do cardio and see what happens. I have been weight training a lot more then usual.

Here's to another WW week. w00t


Sara said...


Any loss is a loss!

Ok, now don't beat me up. What if you cut back on the Diet Coke? Something like you have to drink a bottle of water for every can of soda...

*goes to hide in the corner*

..M.. said...

How have you done this for so long without a big roller coaster in your weight loss? I think it's fantastic that most of your posts tell us about perfect little losses.
There are normally more times when it stalls... plateaus... goes up, even.
Your weight loss is amazing and quite and inspiration.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Yeah man - 31 pounds is nothing to snort at!

Lea said...

Weight training will help you burn , even when you're at rest, so be sure not to count it out completely. :)

You're doing fantastic!