Thursday, February 07, 2008

A Package Arrived

When I got home I noticed this package in my mailbox.

It must have come from a far away place with all of those stamps on it. Maybe even the East Coast!

Wow, someone really wanted to make sure this got to me in one piece! Look at all that TAPE!

What is it? Oh wait a minute! That looks familiar to me!

Hooray! A very cool green One Touch Ultra Mini! So very sweet!!

Wait, there is something else in here...

Oh wow, these buttons are awesome. Only someone really extra full of awesomeness would have sent this to a Ninjabetic across the country.

But who?



When we hung out at Christmas I was eyeing her sweet Green mini and she said she had an extra she would send me. What a very cool gift. Thanks Sara! You rock.

Now let's see if this things works.

Very nice!
I just have to change the time. ;)

thanks again Sara.


Amylia said...


I love the D-OC!

I have green envy! I want the mini!
I might actually break down and buy one!

Sara said...

Thank you for not bringing more attention to the fact that I was using my leftover Christmas stamps! :D

I can't believe I used all that tape! Seeing it in pictures is kinda embarassing considering I mock my dad for doing the same thing to me!

For the buttons you can thank Beth because they originally came from her. I like to put one on the outside of the case on the velcro flap.

Chris said...

Very cool. That is definitely a nice Sussy

Amylia said...

I found out that you can get a free mini in any color you want by filling out a one minute questionnaire online by going here:

Scott K. Johnson said...


Donna said...

Sara's great, isn't she? Very nice gifts.

Jen said...

I love getting free meters, and the buttons just top off the package!