Thursday, February 21, 2008

A TMI Post - Sorry Folks.

The day started out fine. I was feeling chipper and ready to take on the world. Or at least, my little version of it.

On my way to work something changed. Oh no! I can feel and hear my stomach doing strange things. It felt like my tummy was a front loading washer during the wash cycle. Back and forth with lots of sloshing and growling! UGH

I made it to work in the nick of time.

I am liquid from the neck down.



Araby62 said...

Hate when that happens. May you return to solid mass soon!

Bad Decision Maker said...

TMI is almost always fine with me (especially if it involves poop - i am like the poop story/joke person to all my friends).

Better on that end than throwing up! I hate throwing up, plus, ketones usually result.

Hope you feel better soon!

Sara said...

Oh George!

Were you ready to take on the world today because you solved the problems of the world last night?! :D

Shannon said...

Uhhhhh....that's nasty, but human. I could tell you stories about my intestinal adventures that will blow. your. mind.

Maybe I'll blog about it when I get up the nerve. Put it this way: I know how much Jeff loves me considering he didn't get disgusted with me and dump my ass....literally.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Major suckage G-Money!

Anonymous said...

On the upside you can get lots of reading done.

JB said...

Hey, George. I'm right there with you today. :S

Might I recommend Immodium? Worked for me. Hey, just trying to TMI with ya!

Hope you feel better!!

Colleen said...

Ummmm - might help with the weigh in on Saturday??