Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Mission Grade

When I got home late last night, Gillian comes running up to me with some news.

“Dad. We got our grades on Mission projects today!”

“Sweet! How did I, I mean we, I mean you. How did you do?” All this time my wife was somewhere between laughing at me and hucking a remote control at my head.

“Well, it said ‘great job!’ on the sheet and we got an A+!!! 100 points and I got some extra credit too because we took pictures of our visit to the mission!”

She was so proud and I was very proud of her. The coolest part of the whole process was the way all 4 of us pitched in to get it done. It became a fun family project and for Gillian to acknowledge that “we got an A+” was very sweet. She high-fived her brother and hugged both me and mom thanking us for our help.

“Thank you honey for letting me help. I had a blast and we kicked butt!” I said through a lump in my throat.

“That’s what the Simmons family does. We kick butt!” She said jokingly. Or half jokingly.

Oh yeah, this kid is definitely mine!


Araby62 said...

Way cool!

Bernard said...

Wow an A and you all had fun.

What more can you ask for.

caramaena said...

Yay! Well done all of you :)

Minnesota Nice said...
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Minnesota Nice said...

Do you want to adopt me?

Meghan said...

cause that's how you DO!


Raicheal said...

You DO kick butt!