Friday, March 21, 2008

Washington D.C. Trip

In two weeks my son will be spending his Spring Break on a trip to Washington DC with his 8th grade class.

He has been excited about this trip since last year when the other 8th grade class went. George is a very patriotic kid. Ever since he was chosen as a Student Ambassador in 5th grade and was able to travel to Canada with a group of other student ambassadors from Southern California, he has been really into U.S. History and being very patriotic.

So when a writing contest was announced in which the winners will be participating in the Changing of the Guard Ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, he decided to enter. “What American is to me” was the title of all the essays that would be submitted. It had to be two pages long and typed. 16 kids entered the contest and last night at the meeting they announced the winners.

“Each of the essays was read by three teachers,” one teacher explained. “The names on the essays were covered up so the teachers did not know whose essay they were reading.” This point made me happy because George is kind of a charmer especially to adults. He is funny in that he enjoys talking to adults and most remember him because of that. I am glad that was not a factor because I wanted the best essays to win, not necessarily my son. “Each teacher scored the essays, we added them up, and took the 4 highest scores. Two from the boys and two from the girls.”

The teacher read a boys name first and of course everyone applauded. I was sure another boy's name would come next but instead it was a girl’s name. Here it comes! Nope the girl sitting behind us was named. Oh man. I cannot stand this….

“And Geoooooooooorge Simmons!” The teacher looked right at him and said it like he was on a game show. I may be crazy but I am pretty sure he got the biggest applause. I later found out that this teacher was sort of messing with George about his essay saying almost daily, “Don’t ask me. I know nothing!” She waited to say his name last to mess with him one last time! It was very cute.

Anyhow, all 4 of us sort of floated home last night being proud of our little dude. Gillian told me that she almost started crying. She is a proud little sister.

Jasmine and I stayed up late talking about our kids and how blessed we are. They are both so different except that both are very much alike in that they continue to amaze us with their accomplishments. We are not the pushy parents at all but we are the encouraging type. We are both good cheerleaders. With very good reason to be.

We have quite the team.


Kerri. said...

YAY for George!!! That is awesome!!

And you seem to have the nicest family, SuperG. You are a lucky ninja indeed. :D

Araby62 said...

So cool! He'll keep the memory of that for the rest of his life :)

Ninja-tastic, I'd say!

in search of balance said...

Awwww. I love this story! Go George!!!

Allison said...

Awh! That's awesome! Washington, DC is amazing (I'm proud from being around here!) and the Changing of the Guard is a one of the most awesome things in DC to see.

Congrats to George!

Shannon said...

Congratulations to George!

What an awesome experience he's won.

Colleen said...

Good for George! That will be an amazing experience for him.
What a great week your kids have had! You and Jasmine should be very proud.
Oh - and Happy Easter!

Raicheal said...


caramaena said...

Yay for Geoooooooooorge! Well done :)

Scott K. Johnson said...

G-Money! That is AWESOME!

Way to go to little G-Money!

Awesome family man. I can't wait until all of us can hang out someday!

Lea said...

George (the young one) you ROCK!! Congratulations on your accomplishment, dude. You should be very proud of yourself!

George(the dad one) thank you for sharing this - what a wonderful family you have. I love how you all support each other.

Donna said...

Horray for George (son)!

George (dad)- I know you are so proud. You've got a couple of great kids.

Meghan said...

I strive to be half the parents you and Jazz are to your amazing kids.

Georgie was so excited when he was telling me last night. It was too cute.

<3 you and your family. Too bad Disney owns me and I can't go to the partay today.

Michelle said...

Yay to George the younger - we need more patriotic young men. :)

Yay to George the older - we need more parents like you. :)

landileigh said...

an awesome accomplishment! your little ninja sounds like a chip off the block!

Shannon said...

Happy Birthday George!!

Windy said...

Congrats little Geeeeoooooorge!!

Jillian said...

That's so cool! Yay for little George and Happy Birthday to big George!

Andrea said...

How amazing Mr. George. Give the little George my congrats!