Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday Plug Fest

I am jumping on Rob's bandwagon of pimping yourself today so here it goes. Maybe all of the OC can "Plug" themselves. What the heck right?

My daughter represented the D Community yesterday at school. She wore her shirt from the ADA walk and schooled a bunch of kids about the difference between Type 1 and Type 2. She used an interesting analogy to explain multi-functioning organs. You can read about it on dLife.

A cool way to get people talking about Diabetes is to sport some sweet D-gear to get the convo started. You can pick up some cool shirts here designed by yours truly.

Those of you who like movies should check out Trailer Talk. It's an audio podcast that Clay and I do. We review movie trailers and let you know if we think they will be any good. It's funny, I think. And you'll like it, I think.

Do you like Christian Music? Wanna hear a ninja sing? Well, I am a member of Feed the Five. We are a Christian band who are just starting out. We would love for you to check us out!

That's it. Check out tomorrow post for another Weight Watchers weigh in. Hip Hop Hooray!

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