Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mail Call for a Ninja!

“Did anyone get the mail?”

I typically ask this after standard greetings each day when I get home. The reason I ask is because some days the mail is waiting for me and other times, it is waiting for me in the mailbox outside. Kids.

Anyhow, last night I was answered with,”Yeah dad and there is a package on your desk.”

Sitting on my desk was a little brown box with a Medtronic sticker on it. Much too small to be my pump supplies, which I am waiting for, but too large to just be advertising of some sort. I opened it up and inside was a white USB drive looking thing with CARELINK written on the side.

Not knowing what that is or why I got it, I read through the installation sheet. This unit plugs into your USB plug on your computer and wirelessly transmits all the info in your pump (BGs, boluses, etc.) into the online software stuff (think Web 2.0) so you can pull up graphs and all kinds of goodness.

It was easy to install and when Master P and this thing started talking, you would swear they were old friends. It took a while but I think that is because I have not uploaded my info into the system for some time. Before I would have to use this very strange cable that had what looked like a permanent test strip attached to it. It was still USB but you would have to stick the strip side into the BG meter that came with my pump which worked as the receptor of the info.

That BD machine sucks and I never use it. So since I never even pull it out anymore I never use the online data thing-a-ma-bob. Now that I can use this slick little guy, I will actually transfer data more often and have some sweet charts to look at and print out for my doc.

The best part is that it was free!



Sara said...

Yup. I love fun new toys, including the Carelink USB. Now I just have to figure out what to do with it (in addition to Kevin's log book).

Major Bedhead said...

I'm anxiously awaiting ours to arrive, too. I hope it will help me log more frequently than I do now. Oy.