Wednesday, April 09, 2008

George's Essay

Today is the day that George will be participating in a wreath presentation ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington Cemetary. I wanted to share the essay he wrote for the contest that won him a spot in the presentation.

What America is to Me

America…. there really isn’t one word to describe America. To me, America is everything. It is not just everything to me, but the whole world. America is pride, honor, and bravery. America is friendship, trust, and most of all, working together.

America also has an ugly side. This ugly side is about fighting. Not just regular fighting, but fighting to the death. This fighting is war. This ugly side goes deep. It affects the people we know and love, our soldiers. Now if you think about how ugly war can be, next time don’t think about the guns and fighting. Next time think about the people who are going out there to fight for us. They put their lives on the line for us. That’s what America is really all about. It is about bravery and strength in numbers, our soldiers.

Our military shows who America really is and what America is about. The military are a big part of what America is, but they are not the only people. It is the stay at home mom, the hard working family, and the child that goes to school to learn. America is education. Without education who knows how our country would be. America gives opportunities to have a great life.

So far I have talked about what America is now. Without the brave people of America’s past the world would be a different place. If women didn’t have the courage and strength to protest against not voting, women today would still not be able to. If Harriet Tubman didn’t have the courage to free slaves, there would still be people wanting freedom.

Which brings me to my next point, America is freedom. Men, women, and children are free to go to school and have a job. Our nation wouldn’t be so great if it wasn’t the land of the free. America gives the people of our nation many opportunities.

America is a friend. It is inviting and is friends with many countries. This means that America is about peace. America is all for having peace with the world and every person in it.

For myself, I love America. America provides me many things. It provides for my education and life. America is a helping kind of country. It is also a providing country.

It is a country with benefits. America is an opportunity country. Where ever I go I see opportunities for jobs, a new home, and a great car. America gives you a great life. I can’t imagine living in another place. Or at least I could imagine leaving some place else to go and live in the United States of America.

America is everything. I truly believe there is not one tiny word that stands for America. America is the sidewalks we walk on. America is the buildings we see. America is the kindness we spread by giving someone a hug, or a wave, or even just a smile. America is the soldiers fighting the war. Its opportunity, it is the reason children go to school, and parents go to work. Freedom is the reason why people can live in a home and have a family. America is the reason we wake up in the morning and have something to look forward to. America is the flag we pledge allegiance to EVERY SINGLE MORNING.

Every morning when I say the pledge I think about all of these things. Most importantly, I thank the people that go to other countries so I can live my life. Those people are our United States Military. They put their lives on the line so we can go to school. They go out and fight for us so we can play outside freely. Our military’s soldiers die for us so we can get to that next level on a video game. Even as funny as that sounds, it’s true. They are the bravest and strongest people I know. I love my country, but I don’t think I could ever put my life on the line for it. Our soldiers have so much devotion and respect for our country that they would be willing to die at any second for it. Without them we wouldn’t be able to wake up tomorrow without worry. Our military allows us to be free and enjoy our lives.

All of these descriptions of America are the reasons why I feel so blessed to live here. I look forward to growing up and continuing to live in this great country. It gives me a never ending list of opportunities. Overall, America allows me to be me.


Araby62 said...

What a wonderful piece. Thanks for sharing it! Hope your son has a fantastic time in DC :)

Bernard said...

Wow. That's a great piece of writing. Keep an eye on that son of yours, he's got a future writing at least.

I hope he has a great time in DC. Will you be going with him? We want to see pictures.

Shannon said...

I can see why he won.

Thank him for me for mentioning stay at home moms :D That made me happy.

Lea said...

Wow! He is wise beyond his years. That essay was beautifully written, your son is a fantastic writer, and his time in DC is well deserved.
I hope he is having an awesome time so far.

George said...

araby62 - He called last night and is having a great time!

bernard - He is there now and unfortunately we could not. After this and the "dream" paper he wrote, you may be right.

shannon - That line started my tears a-flowing. I will tell him.

lea - Both of my kids are very wise beyond their years BUT many times their actual age shines though. I am happy with that balance.

Minnesota Nice said...

The boy is not only wise and compassionate, but a very expressive and gifted writer.
In the summer, I love to go to parades. Last summer I started taking my niece Emily with. People always looked at me like I was a freak because I stand up and put my hand over my heart when the lead flag walks by. Em, who is Chinese, now does it too, with a very serious and respectful look on her sweet little face.
Young George not only deserves an A on the paper, but I think he should get a whole load of extra credit too.

Donna said...

This gave me goosebumps. What an awesome essay!

micksmom28 said...

It is hard to believe that he is only 13 when he writes such amazing things like that. I remember when he was just a little boy. It seems like yesterday. You are truly blessed with both of your children and I am proud to be their Auntie!