Thursday, April 10, 2008

Wait and Weight

I called first thing this morning and had to leave a message for my blood work results. It has been 6 months since my last blood work which is completely my fault. I did not make the time and then the time got away from me.

So I am waiting for a call back wondering what that number will be. The last time it was 7.6. I honestly do not think it will be better. My guess is quite the opposite.

Since I started Weight Watchers I have noticed an increase in my BG’s since points and carbs do not always jive according to amount. My focus has been on losing weight so my carb intake has been a little overboard. I wrote a post about it on dLife and received a ton of comments.

My conclusion is to try the Core Plan for a while and see how I do. My attitude and outlook on life has been pretty shitty these days and maybe this will provide the change I need to snap me out of it.

Who knows?

I hate feeling like this.


karend1 said...

A rise in bloodsugars can give you that feeling, as I have felt that way the last few weeks as well. I am weaning off my anxiety meds of 5 years and my bgs are soaring, so not sure if depression is from lack of drugs or the high bgs, but I want off the drugs, because I have gained a ton of weight, but man my attitude about things was much better, what is a person to do??

Donna said...

I understand what you mean, George. I think that's been part of my weight problem for years. Sure, 8 years ago, I weighed 40 lbs less, but my diabetes was in the toilet. Now that I'm under better diabetes control, losing weight is an exhausting balance between carbs & BGs, carbs & BGs, carbs & BGs. It never lets up. There has to be a way to do it; I just haven't figured it out yet.

Good luck with your A1c. Maybe it won't be as bad as you think.

Awakening said...

Hi, thanks for reading my blog over at Diabetes Daily. I have a new blog that I am starting that is my personal blog, while I will keep the diabetes blog for diabetes related posts. I want to separate some of the personal or emotional things I write about from the diabetes blog, especially since my family reads it and I don’t really want to be more vulnerable than I have to be to their judgments. I will still blog at DD, but please join me at my new blog, Awakening Grace, over at 

k2 said...

G-Ninja -
Hang in there friend. Diabetes and weight loss is never an exact science.

Maybe you could work the weighting game into an Act for the Diabetes Big Top! - However, I do request that you add a little Ninja action to the mix!!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Hmmm. Blood sugar control and weight loss management are a couple of tough things to juggle.

Maybe it can be something that you shift your focus on after you achieve your weight loss goal (within reason)?

Lea said...

I'm sorry to hear you're feeling down, George. I have no great advice, but I'm sending healing thoughts your way.

Stephanie said...

HI! I have Type 2 and have been on CORE for 3 weeks and am doing great! I love not counting points and you have no choice but to eat healthy. No refined carbs, unless you want to use some of your points, and I do for things like turkey bacon, ww bar, etc. So far it is going super - I have lost 9.2 pounds and I know my bs numbers are way down. My next A1c is in a few weeks, I can hardly wait to see how good my numbers are.
Take Care and remember you are not alone in this! Stephanie