Friday, April 11, 2008

Here Comes the Sun?

I am so excited that George comes home tonight. I miss the heck out of him and cannot wait to hear how his trip went! I will share with you too of course.

Gillian has been greatly missed also this week. My daughter was on vacation and spent it with her Aunt and Grandma so I have not seen her since Monday morning!


Maybe that is why I have been down lately? Incomplete? I dunno. I hope the return of “my Monkeys” lifts my spirits. Just the thought of them coming home already has a bit.

This may sound funny but I actually enjoy my kids and love being a dad. I am already dreading the “empty nest” that I know is coming one day. I try not to think about it much although Gillian has already asked when she can move out.

And when she can get a Tattoo.



Allison said...

Your kids are young.

Give it time.


Scott K. Johnson said...

LOL Dude! :-)


All except my daughter asking about tattoos and moving out. I think that will happen sooner than I like though.

Raicheal said...

What does she want a tattoo of!?

Jillian said...

Give it a few years, you'll want them out. My mom wants me to leave, but only because I need to "spread my wings"!

Donna said...

I can't wait to hear about George's adventures, too.

Hey, don't worry about the empty nest thing now. Enjoy this time while they are there. It could be worse - a friend of mine has a 29 year old son who still lives at home and has no intention of leaving. Yikes!