Monday, April 07, 2008

Weekend Weeview

George is off to DC. His flight was scheduled to leave at around 10:30pm Friday but ended up leaving LAX at 1:25am! He called us Saturday morning to let us know he got there and was ready to go.

“Did you sleep like we suggested or was it a ‘slumber party in the skies?’”

“I watched the ‘what to do in the event of an emergency’ video and then I was out! I slept really good and am ready to go!”

Jasmine and I were worried about that but the kid will sleep standing up if he has too so all should be good. We have not heard from him since which tells me he is having a good time. They only call when things are not so good I have found.

Saturday morn I left Weight Watchers with an enlightened sense of myself. I realized that I am in a destructive place. I spent a lot of the week shoveling “Robin’s Egg’s” into my mouth and eating any pastry that was brought into my office. The last two weeks have gained and have not cared much. This week was only a 0.4lb gain so I did not gain a bunch BUT I recognized that I chose to gain. I honestly did and I will explore the reason why later on. I do not have the energy this morning.

Saturday afternoon we attended the wedding of two very good friends of ours. Joel is the guitar player in the band I am in and he was married to his long time girlfriend Shelly who is amazing! They are a great couple and we are excited to see what their future holds.

Yesterday was a total chill out day. Since the wedding was out of town, I was able to sleep in which was needed.

I was very edgy all weekend and frankly still am. I am sure this goes along with the Self Sabotaging of my weight loss and general health lately but again, I do not have the energy to figure that out just yet.

Not sure if I want to really.


Scott K. Johnson said...

G-Money. I think that it is huge that you recognize the self sabotage in the first place. A good first step.

Being able to step back and try to identify why is such a hard thing and it seems to take so much energy. But I think that it will be a real breakthrough for you (and by your blogging, for us) when you identify what is going on.

You can do it, when you're ready.

Donna said...

I'm glad George got some sleep on the plane. When my son went DC, they went there via charter buses. I'm sure no one slept. But kids can get by with that it seems. Not me. I gotta sleep. Glad you got to sleep in - that's nice once in a while.

Hope you feel better soon. You've got to be all alert & ready to hear all of George's adventures he had on his trip. I'm sure he'll have a lot of fun & will want to share it with you. Hang in there.