Thursday, June 26, 2008

Turn Around Trip

I got to work this morning and the second I stepped foot into the building, I realized I left my insulin at home.

This morning I needed to change my pump and I made sure I packed up all my supplies and stuff this morning except of course the "nectar of life."

How could I be so dumb? I packed up my lunch this morning, left a little early, got to work on time and then BAM have to turn around and go back home.

I tried calling a local pharmacy but they would not sell me Humalog without a prescription. Now I should tell you, I only live 15 miles away but it takes me 40 minutes to get here. Traffic makes for a fun drive each day.

Now I had to drive home in traffic and come back in it again. And then go home in it later! I need a helicopter.

I know I should change my pump at home but I sleep for as many minutes as possible and I never have time in the morning before I leave. Doing it at work is good for me but only when I do not forget.

A gal here said to me as I got back from the insulin run, "I'll bet you'll never forget that again!"

I said, "I still have not achieved perfection so there is a good chance I will."


Shannon said...

Do you have a fridge at work where you can keep a couple of vials?

Jillian said...

The perks of being a female diabetic, I always have the latest open insulin vial in my purse. I also keep a spare insulin pen with me, so I could draw a cartridge from that too. I'm like a diabetes girl scout!

Allison said...

I don't keep my insulin in the fridge, but I do have a vial or two at work, along with the cap and plunger of a reservoir in case I need to put additional insulin in. An aging set can usually last for a few more hours, but once you're out of insulin, you're done!

This is, however, probably the only example of me being prepared for a diabetes emergency.

George said...

I do keep another reservoir and infusion set in my desk but my bottle of insulin that I had here expired when the first Bush was in office I think.

That is why I don't keep one here. :)