Friday, June 27, 2008

Decide My Fate OC!

I stepped on my scale this morning. I have not stepped on this thing in a month. What I have done is consume massive amounts of any food I can get my hands on. I am still exercising but typically after a burger and fries, not a salad.

Anyhow I show a gain of 5 pounds. FIVE POUNDS! I am so angry with myself but not surprised if that makes any sense.

So here is the question. Do I go to Weight Watchers and face the music tomorrow?

My only hesitation is the last time I gained several pounds the lady behind the scale said quite audibly, “Woah! What did you do!”

I almost quit that day. I am not a fan of negative motivation. It does not work for Ninjai. We need positive reinforcement and hugs.

Yes, even Ninjas need hugs.

What are your thoughts? Do I go back tomorrow and weigh in? Do I go back to my WW diet for a week and go back next week to lessen the sting? I am torn!

Seriously, I am leaving it up to you guys.


Shani said...

I think you should go back on the diet, or at least cut out the burgers and fries, and do a weigh in next week.
Good Luck.

Kerri. said...

(( Ninja Hug ))

SuperG, I say face the music. Get the results, swallow them down, and move on with it. Missing one weigh-in could lead to missing two, to missing three (says Kerri, who put off her A1c for FIVE MONTHS because of the same "I'll go when the results will be better" mentality). I know you can get past this mini-slump, but it's better to know the truth than to avoid it.


(And I have an A1C blodo work appointment for next week. I called and made it before I left this comment because, well, if you have to, I have to.)

Kerri. said...

"Blood" work. Not "blodo" work. I don't even know what that is.

George said...

LOL Got it Kerri!

Okay so I have one vote for tomorrow and one for next week.

hmm, I am not going to decide until tonight when I set my alarm clock.

Denise said...

(Hugs) George Kerri's right just face the music. Hey what is the worst they can't eat you right. Just work on a snappy come back for the woman is she makes a rude comment and get back with the program.

You REAALLLYY Can do it!!!!!!

k2 said...

G- Ninja -
Go to the meeting, get the results, detach from the past (and the burgers and fries) and focus on improving your eating habits for your next weigh in.

Shannon said...

How about making an allowance for yourself. Instead of eating whatever you want when ever you want, tell yourself you can only eat crap on say the weekend and do really REALLY well during the week. It's better than nothing.

I can't believe the WW lady said that. They shouldn't say anything unless you've lost. People feel crappy enough when they see any kind of a gain...why dig it in?

Good luck!

Nicole P said...

I might go back - and say before I step on the scale "I know I've gained, if you could please keep any negative commentary to yourself, that would be really helpful to me as I get back on track." Then get weighed in and get back on track...

You can do it, G! Big Ninja Hugs... :)

Sara said...

You know what you are doing diet/lifestyle-wise right?

The only reason I see you going to the WW meeting then is for the accountability. If they are not supportive in that role, then I don't think it is good for you.

Scott K. Johnson said...

I feel ya bro!

I am exactly the same in regards to positive vs. negative feedback and motivation. Negativity tears me right down.

I say be ready. Step on the scale and if she says anything - give her a quick ninja throat chop right to the adams apple and scream "BEOTCH - STFU"!

manny hernandez said...

I hear you!! This past month, in spite of the good BG numbers, I put on a few pounds and I also felt upset at myself.

This week we started doing "THE ZONE" and I am loving it (again -we had done it before). I recommend you try it: it obviously helps when your wife is doing it with you, so we give each other positive reinforcement!! :)

Bernard said...

George do it, but follow Nicole's advice.

Before you step on the scales tell your one (Irish expression) you're not going to do it if she's going to use the value to make fun of you. That should put her in her place.

Hey Kerri is blodo work anything to do with snitt farts? He, hee.

Minnesota Nice said...

Oh that lady is just pitiful. And very unprofessional. And certainly not doing much to bring people back. After all, WW is a for-profit organization and I'm sure the company would not want to turn any members away. It very much reminds me of Denise, the mean nurse at my primary's office - the scale is in the waiting room and she yells out your weight really loud so everyone else can hear it.

First of all, 5 pounds - b.f.d.

Look at the big picture. It will only take you a couple of weeks to drop them. Recent fat comes off faster than older fat.

Just how much does WW help you? If you feel it really does, then absolutely go. Maybe it will help you get back on track. If it's the same lady doing the weighing and she makes another snippy comment, tell her that last time your were there she said something similar and you were offended. Oh, just say "shut your yap, sister".

karend1 said...

At first I was wait a week, but then I liked Nicole's approach.

Colleen said...

I'm with Kathy - and Nicole. Go, let the lady know to keep her mouth shut. You have been such an inspiration to so many of us - keep inspiring!

Clayton said...

I say go. I don't want to be a loner.

Lea said...

whatever you decided, I hope that negative Nancy didn't make you feel bad. sheesh, she'd get a fat lip from me!

Kerri, "blodo" made me think of Frodo and diabetic Hobbits ;)