Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Famous Last Words

"I trust you!"

I say that often. I say it because I mean it. When I talk to someone at a retail store or a hardware store and I ask them a question or their opinion I tall them, "I trust you, you're the professional!"

So on my drive home last night I stop into the local Supercuts for a serious trim. My hair was long over due and frankly I just could not see spending the money on a hair cut when we were so broke.

Well I got called to the station rather quickly and they stylist asked, "How should I cut your hair?"

"I like it shorter on the sides and back but it's up to you. Sometimes I wear it forward, or to the side, and if I am feeling sassy I'll spike it up."

He laughed out of kindness, "What about messy? Do you like it messy?"

"Sure. Whatever. I trust you. You're the professional!"

I swear he clapped his hands and said "Yay."

He grabbed all these different razors and products, clipper guards and scissors and went to work.

I think he should have paid me. He ran his fingers in my hair over and over to get it messy but perfect if that is possible. He would look, and mess, and stare, and mess. So weird.

And here it is.

I do not think I will ever wear it like this again so I thought I would show you what his "vision" was.

As soon as I walked into the house my son said, "You hair looks thooooooper!"

Thanks kid. Now go to your room.


Nicole P said...

He had the hotsth for you, G-man... :P

I actually like the haircut, but the situation sounds like it might have been a little creepy. It's shorter than I've seen on you but you still look good.

If you want to fly to Boston, a new cut awaits!

k2 said...

G- ninja -
I think you look like a ROCK STAR and
kinda like Alton Brown!

Carey said...

Fabulous! That's awesome that he said "yay!"

Shannon said...

Yay! I love the cut! What's wrong with it?

Jeff and the boys go to Supercuts where they just hired an Italian man who gives them European cuts. I love it.

Scott K. Johnson said...


I have a couple choice things to say about this post brother.

1) Give a guy like that creative freedom over your pretty mantabulous hairstyle, and you get what you deserve.

1.25) At what point did the contact seem a little inappropriate? Before or after he said "yay" (and did he do a little heel kick too?)?

1.5) If it was a hot chick hairstylist you could have at least enjoyed the experience

1.75) You may have encouraged him by using the word "sassy"...

2) Big props to little G-Money when you got home! That shyte made me crack up!!


George said...

Nicole - I think he had the hots for my hair, not me. When I get to Boston, i'll be ready.

k2 - Thanks, k. You are my rock star.

Carey - The "yay" was pretty funny actually.

Shannon - This guy was Asian so maybe it is a ninja cut? I doubt it though. Ninja's don't use "product."

Scott - You get a "few" responses.

1. Mantabulous? That is. um. Superbaliciousness!

2. No heel click but not until he was putting the "gel" stuff in my hair. that was when it got weird.

3. I don't think I have seen a super hot anything at our Supercuts.

4. I knew it after I said it.

5. George is the man. I'll let him know you dug his sass. oh wait! LoL

Sara said...

George -

Are you sure ninjas don't use product? I feel like the ninjas I've met have had a little product.

Andrea said...

Um, I was thinking the same thing and then cracked up when Georgie said it to you. LOL!

Shannon said...

Awww. Ninjas use product. I just have faith they do.

It was fate that he was Asian and you're a Ninja. Kismet.

Major Bedhead said...

I think it's a great hair cut, but I like that look on guys. A lot. It is a bit metrosexual, but as long as you didn't get your eyebrows waxed and your nails buffed, I think you can relax in your testosteroniness.