Thursday, August 14, 2008

Morning Rush


It’s never good when you wake up shouting anything in the vicinity of “Crap!”

I must have slept through my alarm. Maybe I set my alarm for PM? Someone is trying to get me fired? It must be a gremlin or something.

What probably happened is that I hit the snooze button about a 100 times and never woke up. And I should be honest and say that I was not entirely late just later then normal. I could easily make up time if I rushed.

The problem is, as many of you know, every minute later then usual means about another 1000 cars on the freeway so my commute will be even more trying.

I used the electric razor which makes me look like a Miami Vice reject. Hoped into the shower and skipped writing my word on the door. Used zero “product” in my hair, got dressed and ran down to my office to grab my phone, ipod, and my One Touch.

When I grabbed it I thought, “I’ll wait and check my BG at work.” The good little ninja in me said, “Give me a break dude, it takes like 7 seconds to check. Do it.”

Good Ninja can be annoying so I did it and I was little high. 170. I corrected for it, grabbed my lunch out of the fridge, and left for work only to be 10 minutes late.

Diabetes can be so annoying but sometimes if you don’t stop and take care of the stuff you know you need to, it can get a lot more annoying. I am thinking about this stuff more and more. In the past I would have just skipped it but it did not take long and the more info I know about where my BG is the better.

I’ll figure this diabetes thing out soon enough.


On an important side note, my very good friend Nicole is helping out her very good friend Shelley. Shelley is trying to become the December Calendar Pinup at Kitten Koffin Zombies. Voting ends tonight and she is neck and neck with one other gal.

Please head on over and vote for Shells Bells. She seems like a cool person and she must be if she is friends with Nicole.


Nicole P said...

G-money. You rule the world. :) Come to Boston, bring your lady, we all need to go out and see a rock show... Or maybe we need to visit Cali?

Nicole P said...

Ps. When you get the d-thing figured out - I'm going to need that secret recipe. Please.... Ug. What a morning...

Bernard said...


I'm with Nicole. Come to know you want to. :-)

Today was the day of stacked boluses for me. Call me idiot. Finally I'm back in range...after only 6 hours of rebounds.

So when you get the answer, I could do with it also.

Scott K. Johnson said...

I'm with Nicole and Bernard. Come to don't have enough other places to be, so it might as well be here. LOL!!

Then you can go on ahead to the other coast.

And good for you on listening to the good ninja. What if you were low then started driving? We all know that is a serious no no...

Cara said...

I set my alarm for 6:00 am every day. And at least once a week I hit the snooze 2 or three times before I actually hear the alarm and wake up. I am so paranoid that I am going to turn it off one day and be late to work. Mostly cause I did it one time last year. I have great co-workers who called me at 8:15 when I hadn't yet shown up to work, to see if I was okay since they know I live alone and am a diabetic.

Nicole P said...

G. I say again. You rock. :)

I am very, very grateful for your help. They make an official announcement in a day or two - but it appears Shells won by seventeen votes!!!

Awesome.... :)