Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The Fold

I hate it when this happens.

And typically I am running out the door or going to some sort of event or something! I mean A ninja’s job is never done so when I am going to change my set I need to get it done and get on my way.

There are a lot of things about Diabetes that frustrate me but this is a big one. It’s bad enough that you spend a few minutes trying to pull the thing apart but then when you finally give up, you throw it away which is wasteful. I feel like I am throwing money away. I cannot stand that!

Luckily in my two years pumping I think I have only lost two sets to the dreaded “unfixable fold” (but I have had to pull several "bad" sets) so my track record is pretty good and yet, it still pisses off.

Do you guys have a special way of avoiding this phenomenon?


Sara said...

Yup. I stopped using Quick-sets. :P

I didn't so much have the 'fold' problem as a 'stuck to the side of the Quick-serter' problem.

Shannon said...

Ben Folds Five. Be grateful you're not Ben.

Aaron said...

Like sara, I no longer regularily use Quick-sets but switched to Silhouttes and Sure-T's.

When I do use Quick-sets, I sometimes insert them manually (without the Quick-serter). This also avoids the problem.

Christine-Megan said...

Stopped using quick-sets here too. Silhouettes for the win!

Sara said...

ALOL at Shannon!