Thursday, August 07, 2008

One Day

I work in an office. An office with a lot of unhappy people.

At least, that is how they seem and probably how I seem.

They complain a lot. “It’s too hot!” “This guy is an idiot!”
“Why don’t some people look for themselves before they call us!”

Around the lunch table I will jump in with a “Yeah!” and an “I hate that too!”

It is easy to get caught up in bad attitudes when you are around it a lot.

But not today. I will not complain nor jump into complaining going on in the office. I will be positive no matter what it takes.

I feel like I invite dark clouds over my head when I am negative all the time. I need a break.

I’ll see how it goes and tell you tomorrow.

Wanna join me?


Nicole P said...

So funny, G. I used that same photo a long time ago in a similar post - right around the time blogger went to google... LOL.

And - yes it is good to step away from the negative on occasion! We all need a break sometimes... :)

Michelle said...

Absolutely agree! I notice it a lot on the parents diabetes message boards. The negative feelings breed more negative feelings and pretty soon you have a forum full of nothing but bitching and moaning. Now, of course no one likes that their child has diabetes, and there are times when negative is appropriate. But I do see that it just helps to step away or steer the conversations into a new topic sometimes.

(my verification word is suksc...LOL.. no lie. Blogger is sooo negative)

Scott K. Johnson said...

That negativity sure is a poison isn't it? It's like it sucks anyone in the vicinity right into the vortex of crap!

You know what G-Money? That positive attitude is just as contagious as the negative. Be the one to turn it around.

Major Bedhead said...

It's sooooo easy to get sucked into that negative vortex.

That picture cracked me up....

Andrea said...

Teacher's are the worst at this! It is so easy to get caught up in this kid who is behind, and that parent who is a P.I.T.A, and now getting paid enough and yada, yada, yada. And once one gets going, it's like a disease!

Avoid the Noid (LOL!)- and try to stay positive.

Bernard said...

I can't wait to hear how this worked out.

People find so many things to complain. But I've been to countries where life is a whole lot harder for folks in general, yet they're smiling and getting on with life. It's too easy to overlook the many blessings we all have, something that I'm guilty of doing too often.