Monday, August 11, 2008

A New Avenue

Yesterday I ventured into the realm of Vlogging. So far I have had some positive feedback which I am thankful for so until further notice, the Vlog will continue.

As much as I enjoy writing there is a part of me that is not able to come through the written word. Maybe that is what keeps me from being a great writer is that inability to get my feelings and emotions through my words. I try but I always feel like it is not complete. That something is missing.

The Vlog may help with that but only time will tell. I plan on posting a Vlog once a week and continued to Blog on the other days of the week. In my Vlog I mentioned Sara and Kerri but there are others out there D-Vlogging, like Allie Beatty, and Manny, so I am going to make a list on the right of Vlog’s that I know about. If you know of any I have missed please let me know and I will add them.

I know I need to clean up my Blog Roll since so many are not active. I will attempt to do that sometime this week between Olympic events.

P.S. I have watched the opening ceremonies twice so far. I could watch it again. What did you think?


landileigh said...

it's not your feelings unable to come through your written word... it's hearing "DUDELY" a few times that makes Vlogging so worthwhile from you!

all joking aside, seeing yours, and all of the other's personalities makes you more human and when i now see your written word, it is as if you are talking to me personally.

Flmgodog said...

LOVED the vlog!!!

Keep that up, I too agree it's like we know you better now that we have seen you talk.
Though I did get quite the trip out of the Hat Dance!!!

micksmom28 said...

I loved the Vlog! Keep em coming! You are a natural. And BTW I loved the Opening Ceremonies! I recorded them so I could watch it again. Our country would never be that cool to do something as elaborate as that. AMAZING and AWE-INSPIRING!!!