Sunday, August 10, 2008

Vlog #1

You may regret watching this. I am really not sure I should do anymore of these.

I guess it is not worse then the Hat Dance I did right?

So here it goes.


Kerri. said...


I think you are born to vlog, SuperG. I LOVE your debut!!!

(Waiting to hear your theme song choice.)

Meghan said...

okay. I didn't want to feel like a stalker.. so now I feel better that someone else has commented.

I loved it! I love that you can here Tedders and Jack barking and that you can see your geeky x-files collection. I mean. Super cool x-files collection :)


Aubrey said...

The inside of the bag is a bit, uh umm well you know. Can't wait to here the theme song. I tink that I'm going to enjoy the Vlog as much as I do the blog.

landileigh said...


you need a really cool awesome theme song. maybe little george can do one for ya on that fancy schmancy gee-tar he has?

ohhhh btw... YOU ROCKED!

Sara said...


That rocked!!! I love your man purse - I mean your dudely man satchel.

You also make me think that I need a logo. How do I get one of those?!

Scott said...

You should definitely keep the v-blogging going, just like Allie Beatty has done ... its great!

k2 said...

Dudely G-Nin ja -
Very Cool VLOG, & very cool man bag!
I thin the insoide of the bag makes it very easy for u to find your diabetes crap. If it were dark, you'd never be able to find your meter - TRUST ME ON THAT ONE!

As far as a theme, how about "Kung Fu Fighting"? I think it's very Ninja/
Might have to look into the world of Vlogging. Though, I have to admit, I'm not nearly as pretty as you are G-ninja.
As always - YOU ROCK!

George said...

Kerri - Thanks for the kudos.

Meghan - Embrace your inner stalker ;)

Aubrey - I'm glad you agree on the inside. A little fem but oh well.

landileigh - I will ask him. He has some serious skills so he may lay down a rocking track.

sara - I made that logo in Photoshop. Found a font and a ninja star. Threw them together and played with PS with some glow and stuff and BAM the logo was born.

Scott - Thanks man and especially thanks for mentioning Allie. I am going to add some links on my page for Vlogs.

k2 - YOu may want to pick up a new monitor. Yours must be going out. I am nothing to look at unless you are going to point and giggle. And I've seen pictures, you are plenty pretty! :)

Minnesota Nice said...

George you have a very nice presence on screen. It was very fun to see you live.

Donna said...

Great job, George. Loved it.

Andrea said...


Raicheal said...

Okay, so vlog is excellent, and has caused me to laugh with far more volume than is appropriate this time of night. And it's about the stripey lining! You know how I feel about the stripey lining!


+Clearly, "dudely" is the word of the fortnight. Right?

+That bag is so much smaller in real life! It looks enormo!

+blog = button log! Ha!

I crave themesong.

..M.. said...

OMG the Ninjabetic ROCKS!

Puhleeeeeeeease keep vlogging, I love it - I had no idea you were so groovy :D Why have you been hiding all these years? Your presence is needed on screen!

I actually love that man-bag of yours, lining and all. I need me one of them!

Simon said...

Excellent George! First time I've looked at your blog and I get a vlog too.

Keeping going dudely dude. :)

Scott K. Johnson said...

G-Money! You rock man! I can't wait to hang out. I swear, we are going to get in some SEEREEUS trouble!

The vlog must stay. Forever.

Bernard said...

Xcellent job George

It's so nice to 'see' you in real life.