Monday, August 18, 2008

"This One Time..."

Today is the first day of Band Camp for my son.

He will be playing music and working on field shows from 9-5 today and all week long. I am not sure who is more excited, him or me. I have the fondest memories of band camp. I always looked forward to it each summer.

Standing out in the sun for hours and playing the same song over and over sounds like an awful time for most. And honestly, I think most of the band was miserable. But I love to do the best I can especially when it comes to performing so perfecting, polishing, and reworking several times over is fine with me. You cannot over-rehearse in my book. George is a chip off the old Ninja block in that way.

Maybe that’s the key to my diabetes management. Maybe I need to think about it like a TV show or something and then I will practice and perfect my control because lately, I have been in anything but. I am sure a D-sitcom would go over well.

Were any of you in band in High School? What did you think of Band Camp? I was drum major my senior year so I loved it.

And not like the “American Pie” version of band camp.

Although, my wife played flute. ;)


Shannon said...

That last line made me aLMAO. And may your son never have an American Pie style band camp story.

Keep plugging away at your D management. Take challenge in tweaking everything to see how tight you can get the control.

For christmas sake, why did that whole second paragraph sound like a double entendré??? I didn't mean it to be.

Molly said...

I was in band in high school. I played a mean trombone. I liked band camp too. It was fun marching around the parking lot- made me feel connected to something bigger than me.

Meghan said...

haha. so I wasn't in band (in high school anyway *grin*), but I still have fond memories of band camp when Jessica was in it.. I used to go up and meet her for lunch! awwww


micksmom28 said...

I loved band camp in that love-hate kinda way. The long hours were exhausting but the end result was amazing. I can't wait to see how much little Duke has learned by the end. And my best memories of being an Assistant Drum Major are from learning from the best!!! Hanging outside of the condos with you teaching me how to do tosses and salute. Memories!