Saturday, August 16, 2008

Vlogging about the D-Police

I may have to stop doing this. This is beyond silly I think.

You should know that I really put almost zero thought in my post because I want it to be real Ninjabeticy goodness. I do not know if that is a good thing.

Maybe a script for next week? I would love to hear what you think.


Araby62 said...

OMG you are so weird. I mean that in total respect :) I say, no script! It's brilliant without it!Love the "flashy thing" too, BTW (;-)

Shannon said...

George!!!!!! OMFG you slay me! I want to meet you.

Don't ever use a script.

There are a bunch of Cougars that are always at a club Jeff and I go to to listen to music (live bands). I plan to ask one of them to come over and fight off the D-police when I get accosted. Thanks for the great advice! Who knew they were so protective.

Jillian said...

You were definitely born to vlog! I don't know why I never thought of bringing my pet rodent/cougar with me to set the Diabetes Police straight.
Another vote for no script, this stuff is just too good.

Michelle said...

cougars?? who me??

I love how your voice gets all high and silly when you're trying to hold back a big laugh. HAHA. I love it. keep them coming.

Colleen said...

You're so much fun to watch and listen to.
Good point about the DP caring, even if it is annoying.

Donna said...

Don't every use a script, George. You need to wing-it every time you do this. It makes us all smile. Thanks.

Cara said...

I love it! You are the coolest person every. :)

George said...

araby62 - Thank you for respecting my weirdness. ;) The Flashy drum sticks are about the coolest thing ever.

shannon - We should meet. I promise I will not bring any cougars.

jillian - isn't if funny how it went from a squirrel to like a mountain lion in one second? My brain is a strange place.

michelle - I was trying my best not to laugh but I could not help it!

colleen - Thanks. I do think they care and that we should be kind. But D-Cougars would be cool. I'm just sayin!!

donna - Thanks for the thumbs up on "winging it." I think you get the real George that way.

cara - you are too kind. I never think I am cool so to hear it from someone who I think is cool is...well.. COOL!

Meghan said...

hahahahaha... cougers.

I still can't get over the "fingerbanging my heart" thing. I even wrote a blog about it.

oh and you're welcome :) Now you have flashy things to distract them and drum sticks if they need a little extra convincing.


JaimieH said...

That video was awesome and I am so running to wally word to pick up flashy drumsticks to keep in my briefcase! I bet that will work perfectly when they start saying "I thought diabetics could not eat cake"....on my own birthday NO DOUBT......heehee......Keep Rockin'

oh yea and "pet cougar"...that is a whole 'nother ballgame you opened up there...I bet lots of guys would line up at the petshop or club for one of those!

Minnesota Nice said...

Honey, you are a natural!!!! I love it.
My response to the sb police is to push them down (preferably on a hard pavement), step on their head, and walk away.

(In all seriousness, I agree that some are truly concerned, some are just curious, and some are mean spirited.)

Karen said...

I've been lurking here for a while - but I think this is my first comment. I had to BREAK THE SILENCE and tell you your vlog was great!!! Cougar - hahahahaha. Can we get insurance coverage for cougars as diabetes supplies? Oh, and during the whole "focus focus" part, I was totally moving my head closer and farther from the monitor trying to bring the sticks into focus!! Most fun I've had with a vlog yet - keep up the good work!!

Scott said...

Script? Who uses a script for vblogging anyway? Keep ad-hoc-ing it!

bob marley & lucy liu said...

Bahahahaha! Hilarious!

Chris said...

Freaking hilarious. You trying to do a script would be like Robin Williams trying to do Rambo. Don't go there. Love you vlog. Really want to do one on mine but just haven't committed to it yet.

Keep em coming.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Dude - a script?! That's nuttier than squirrel shit...

And for the record, that vote falls into the "No" column.

Sara said...


You are hysterical!! Keep vlogging! :)