Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tomorrow is the Big Day!

5 years ago my kids came up with an idea. They wanted to make a “holiday” that celebrated the friendship siblings have. They call it…


Every year on August 22nd, my kids plan to spend the day hanging out together, playing games, having favorite meals, watching movies, and of course switching bedrooms for the night. It is a day they spend weeks planning and months thinking about. It’s cute how serious they are. I thought for sure my son’s entry into high school would kill Bro and Sis day but that is not the case.

“We plan on doing this when we are old with our own families, except the switching bedrooms part,” is what George says.

They talk about getting together for dinner or catching a movie but they are very specific about it just being them. Just so they know at least one day a year they can spend a day catching up with each other.

So tomorrow although my sisters do not all live next door or down the hall from me, I am going to make it a point tomorrow to call each one of them and just catch up. So often we get together with our families and spouses but rarely do we just talk.

I want to challenge all of you to also celebrate Brother and Sister Day tomorrow and every year. If you live close enough maybe go to lunch or dinner. Maybe give them a call or shoot them an email asking about how they are doing. If you do not have a brother or sister I am sure you have friends that fit that place in your life. Maybe you can spend some time really thinking about your siblings if they have passed. That would be a good way to celebrate too.

Please let me know how you will celebrate Brother & Sister Day and I will be sure and share your comments with my kids. They wish more people would do this because they think family is pretty darn important.

I agree.


Matt Keeling said...

Dude, you have some of the coolest kids on the planet!

floreksa said...

Really cool kids!

I work with my sister so we IM on a minutely basis pretty much all day every day. We spend a lot of time after work together too. (I also work with my dad!)

I'll be sure to get an extra IM in to her tomorrow!

Cara said...

What a cool idea! I am going to see if I can get my baby sis to go out to dinner with me tomorrow. :)

Meghan said...

awww. this makes me sad that Matt and I are so mean to Kristen. haha.

I'm totally going to call her.. and my bro and I have brother and sister day every time a movie comes out that we both want to see :) Oh. and on x-file nights!

I love your kids. and you... and Jazz :)


Scott said...

Actually, I think the idea of creating holidays is a good one, and can be applied to far more than simply brothers & sisters! Great idea, and even better that you support it!

k2 said...

Pretty awesome family you have there G-Ninja! I know that your kids will be friends for life!
The fact that you are celebrate the big day reinforces what a "Rocking Ninja" u truly are ;)
I will be calling my sister today.
As of late, we've needed each other a lot. We r one another's favorites in the family. Ahhh, maybe I shouldn't put that in print. Oh well, too late, everyone knows it anyway!

Araby62 said...

Muy cool, hermano. I think of the OC today as my virtual 'brothers & sisters' :-) But I'll give my IRL bro a jingle, thanks to you :)

Cara said...

:( My baby sister is only 12 and she had a school dance to go to tonight, so no brother sister day. :(
Oh well, it just inspired me to spend more time with her. I don't do it nearly enough with there being 15 years between us and all.
Thanks for the idea.

Sandy :) said...

You've done a great job raising these kids! I wish own grown kids would be closer....